Thursday, September 27, 2012

We talked a lot about DNS but what exactly is DNS

On September 10th our service experienced big DNS outages that impacted our main website and free radio pages, this resulted in a downtime of 5 hours for the aforementioned services. 

Our sites were one of more than 5 million websites that were affected by this DNS outage. The clients and users that use our services are our top priority and we know that any downtime can really hurt your stations. To make sure that something like this doesn't happen again we have decided to do something that no one else in our industry has done. We partnered with DYN and Amazon to bring the best possible DNS solution to our clients. Some of the world's biggest companies have their DNS handled by DYN, companies like Twitter, 37 Signals, CNBC, The Guardian, and many others. 

Amazon isn't just the world's biggest online retailer, they are also responsible for managing the DNS of Nasa, IBM, Newsweek and many other industry leaders. We felt that only the best in the field of DNS management would suffice for our needs, because for our clients and users the best is just good enough. Because of that we decided to take not just one of the industry leaders in DNS management, we wanted two so that we can provide 100% DNS uptime to anyone using our service. By using two companies to manage our DNS we have a backup in case that one of them has an outage. 

What does this mean for the listener ? 

The first thing that anyone will notice is that the pages will load dramatically faster resulting in shorter waiting times when opening the site. The second improvement is DNS uptime. Because of our new system we now have 100% DNS uptime so that you and your listeners know that no matter what happens, your radio will be there. 

We talked a lot about DNS but what exactly is DNS ? 

DNS stands for Domain name System and in simplest of terms it acts like the Internet's phone book. DNS maps the IP address (eg., to something that humans can easily remember (eg., 

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