Saturday, September 15, 2012

Led Zeppelin Reunion

We alerted you several days ago that there was a great rustling going on in the ever-volatile Led Zeppelin camp. Fortunately, this time it was for good, not evil (or ongoing fan disappointment, as has been the case many times). The 2007 one-off reunion show is finally coming to theaters in October and to DVD in November -- a plan that has been on the tracks for years, but always derailed at the last minute. Rumors swirl as to what happened to cause the five-year delay, with most people assuming that singer Robert Plant's refusal to do a full tour with the reunited band being a major sticking point. It doesn't matter. The DVD is finally here, with a chance for fans to see it on the big screen (when the live anthology "DVD" was released in 2003, big-screen showings were reserved for journalists in major cities; this time, fans will be able to buy tickets and experience it in a theater before it hits stores). Besides performances of Zep classics, fans will get two songs never before performed live -- "For Your Life" from "Presence," and "Good Times Bad Times," the first song off the band's first album, basically the birth of the classic band. Check the teaser below, read our original review from when the concert happened and get ready to blast some music. It's been a long time since we rock 'n' rolled.

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