Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conde Nast will not pull the new Vogue cover from its shelves

Four domestic rights and women's advocacy groups have asked Conde Nast to pull the new Vogue International cover from its shelves. Organization leaders charge that the image of model Stephanie Seymour, appearing to be choked by a lover, glorifies violence as an act of love.

Ali and John discuss the latest French Vogue magazine cover where model Stephanie Seymour appears to be being choked by fellow model, Marlon Teixeira. Critics are accusing the magazine of supporting domestic violence in women — although Ali thinks Teixeira looks anything but angry in the photo.    

Do you think the cover is glorifying domestic violence in women? Tell us in the comments below.
More can't-miss moments: Ali talks 130 inmates who escaped from a Mexican prison and fled to Texas via a tunnel, cellphones and computers emit optical radiation that suppress serotonin levels (the hormone responsible for sleep), and a superintendent in Rhode Island is trying to ban father-daughter dances, mother-son baseball games, and any other gender-based school events. 

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