Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moore Oklahoma Police Stupid cops with badges Kills innocence Father on camera

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- Moore Oklahoma police kills Luis Rodriguez for nothing right in front of his wife and children. The incident involved a domestic issue between the wife and the daughter. Mrs. Rodriguez slapped her 19 year old daughter and the police was called. Instead of arresting Ms. Rodriguez, they jumped on Mr. Rodriguez instead and beat him to death without any reason. The chief of police calls this action justified. What a bunch of stupid policemen in Moore Oklahoma with badges. And you want to respect these class clowns? They are so self righteous and they know everything. Well they better know this, that they don't have enough money in the city and county treasure that's going to keep from bankrupting them. They are screwed and it was all caught on camera. Plus they have to deal with the Department of Justice. They will end up in prison for excessive force. I hope each and everyone of them end up with some some crazy guy they arrested years before. As for as the smart ass 19 year old daughter, she just lost her father because she disrespected her family by lying to them. It was not a good idea for the mother to assault her daughter in the parking lot or any where else. And the most insulting thing of all, is the person that did all of the hitting was not even arrested.

Monday, February 24, 2014

South by Southwest gets iTunes stamp as company launches its own music festival

South by Southwest gets iTunes stamp as company launches its own music festival

The iTunes Festival has taken place in London for the past seven years. Now they bring it to the U.S. with five nights during the SXSW festival.

Coldplay will perform at the iTunes Music Festival during the SXSW festival in March.


Coldplay will perform at the iTunes Music Festival during the SXSW festival in March.

iTunes is putting its stamp on South by Southwest, piggybacking on the annual event with its own music festival.
The company said Wednesday it will debut its popular iTunes Festival, a free concert series held in London for the past seven years. While the London version is a 30-day event, the U.S. festival will feature five nights of rock, country, pop and hip-hop at South by Southwest, an international showcase for music, film and interactive projects to be held next month in Austin, Texas.
"We're pretty excited about doing this for the first time here in the U.S. at South by Southwest," said top Apple executive Eddy Cue in an interview Tuesday.
"One of the cool things about trying to do the festival is that it's all about the music, the musicians and the fans," Cue said. "You want it in a really close atmosphere where the fans are getting to see these musicians in places they'll never see them again, because they play in much bigger venues."
The iTunes festival will be held March 11-15 at ACL Live at the Moody Theater, where Austin City Limits is held. The first night will include performances by Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and London Grammar.
Keith Urban will also be among the performers as iTunes makes their own music festival within SXSW in March.


Keith Urban will also be among the performers as iTunes makes their own music festival within SXSW in March.

Coldplay said it was "thrilled" to be playing on opening night, adding: "It's a great honor for our band and we hope everyone has a fantastic time."
Other performers include Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Pitbull, Zedd and newcomer Mickey Guyton. Cue said other acts will be announced later.
One artist who likely won't be appearing is Kanye West, who performed at the London festival in 2009. During a concert in New Jersey last weekend, he called out Apple CEO Tim Cook, singing via auto-tune: "Tim Cook, the head of Apple, stop trying to get performers to play your festivals for free, you are rich as (expletive)."
Cue declined to comment on West's criticism.
The iTunes festival in London typically attracts artists like West and Coldplay. Lady Gaga, Elton John, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry were among the performers at the Roundhouse Theater last September.
For the first U.S. version of the iTunes Music Festival, Pitbull will perform.


For the first U.S. version of the iTunes Music Festival, Pitbull will perform.

The festival will be streamed live and on-demand through the iTunes store, iTunes radio and on Apple devices.
Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet software and services, said iTunes had long considered having a U.S. counterpart to its U.K. festival, but had struggled to find the right fit. SXSW turned out to be a natural.
"It's got a great vibe for music, and it's centrally located, so timing-wise it works well to broadcast across the U.S.," he said.
While Cue didn't say whether the iTunes Festival at SXSW would become an annual event, he pointed to London as an example of how it could grow.
"We'll see where it leads us. I can tell you when we did the London one for the first time, we did it for a week in London and look what it's become.

Friday, February 21, 2014

John David, NAB EVP of Radio - The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)

John David, NAB EVP of Radio 
By Joey Odorisio

John David

The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) is a key trade organization for both radio and television broadcasters throughout the U.S. The organization is closely involved in advocacy for a wide variety of issues facing the industry today, as well as aiding in broadcast innovation and educating broadcasters as well.
           NAB EVP of Radio John David has been a part of the organization since 1984, when he joined the NAB Board of Directors, representing Kansas and Missouri. He spent 17 years as EVP of J.R. Broadcasting Company, as an owner and GM of multiple stations. He officially joined the NAB in 1989, serving in a variety of roles over the years, and becoming EVP of Radio in 1998. In a new conversation with FMQB, David discusses the multiple priorities the NAB is focused on in 2014, from the ongoing battle over the Performance Royalty to FM radio chip activation in mobile devices.

What is your role at the NAB and how does it affect radio stations around the country?
My responsibilities include liaison with the 35 member NAB Radio Board of Directors and the leadership of that board. I also oversee the convention programming for the NAB Show in Las Vegas and the Radio Show in the fall. Recognition for radio stations and personalities for NAB Member Radio Stations in the NAB Marconi Radio Awards and the NAB Crystal Radio Awards for exemplary community service also are administered by the Radio staff. My involvement also includes being a membership ambassador for service to NAB member stations and companies. Since I’m a believer in the mission of the NAB, I often communicate our agenda to non-member companies to seek their investment in becoming involved with our representation.
What are the NAB’s priorities for 2014?
Included, but not limited to, a fairer streaming rate and working with the music industry for a continued productive relationship. It’s a long-standing partnership that recognizes the promotional value of Radio stations that play the music that the record labels and artists want Radio to play and what listeners want to hear.
           NAB endorses the activation of chips in cell phones so information and entertainment is available to people who want to have access to their radio stations. We’re also active on advertising deductibility in making sure that advertisers can deduct their company advertising investments in the year it was broadcast. This is top of mind this week. We follow many more issues at the NAB every month.
What does the organization see as the most important issues facing radio currently?
In addition to what I mentioned in response to the previous question, we are also getting involved more in what’s in the vehicle dash. There’s also focus on AM revitalization from a technical and regulatory perspective.
Can you give some of your career background that led you to the NAB?
I was an owner/operator of radio stations for many years and served on the NAB Radio Board of Directors. So I have the perspective of a hands-on broadcaster inside the NAB. I made payroll, carried an advertiser client list, programmed radio stations and can even produce a log. I worked my way through college as a rock and roll jock. I started with the NAB in the government relations division with responsibility for grass roots lobbying, the political action committee and the state association liaison.
What is the latest update to the state of the Performance Royalty issue?
We have over 200 members of Congress who are with us on not imposing an over the air tax on radio broadcasters. We are very appreciative of the NAB member broadcasters all over the country who have communicated their personal perspective to their elected representatives.
What is the NAB’s position on royalty deals, a la Clear Channel’s agreements with Warner Bros., Glassnote, etc.?
It’s proven that the market place can work if it makes sense for the labels and the individual companies.
What are your thoughts on the roll-out thus far of the NextRadio system for FM chips in smartphones?
NAB was involved early on to assure that a standard was developed to allow companies to compete. There is no question that listeners should have access to their stations through the device that almost everyone has with them at all times. We hope that more broadcasters will continue to provide a more positive experience through digital delivery while helping listeners to not incur additional data charges by listening over the air.
What can the industry look forward to at the NAB Show in April and the NAB/RAB Radio Show in September?
The NAB Show is in April in Las Vegas. Both the NAB and RAB are producing a number of informative sessions for the convention. Plus, you won’t see more equipment and software for Radio anywhere else, but Las Vegas. Dates are April 5-10 with the exhibits opening on April 7. The Radio Luncheon will be on Tuesday, April 8 where we’ll induct Steve Harvey in to the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame and present 10 NAB Crystal Radio Awards to stations for exemplary community service.
           The Radio Show, produced by RAB and NAB will be in Indianapolis this September. We have a Radio Show Steering Committee that will guide the programming and sessions for that annual event. The dates are September 10-12.

[eQB Content By Joey Odorisio]

Friday, February 7, 2014

Artist Carrie Mae Weems Says Art Saved Her Life

Artist Carrie Mae Weems Says Art Saved Her Life, And Yours Too

Carrie Mae Weems, the first African American woman to have a solo show at New York City's Guggenheim museum and winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant, thinks art is really a shortcut to inner peace.
As she told Ebony:
Art is the one place we all turn to for solace. We turn to it constantly, whether you are listening to music, or pop in a film; you want to escape reality, and if you thinking deeply, you want to engage in art in a complex way. Art allows us to navigate the more complicated parts of our lives in a way that is more palpable. We don't go to the movies just to see a movie; we go for the experience. I'm very interested in the experience. Art has saved my life on a regular basis. I wanted to offer that experience to children, to enlist them, to show them the possibilities that are in the arts, to persuade them to pursue it for both their own personal salvation and for changing the way we are understood.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Live365 names Dennis Constantine as Director of Programming

Live365 Appoints Dennis Constantine Director of Programming

February 3, 2014

Dennis Constantine

Dennis Constantine takes over as Director of Programmer at Live365 after serving as consultant with the company since the fall 2013. This announcement follows the Live365 Executive Leadership Team additions in 2013 of Hong Lau, Chief Executive Officer, Bill Bungeroth, Vice President of Sales (a forty year veteran in the broadcasting industry) and Juliette Bouquerel, Director of Broadcast Services (bringing her 15 years of experience in branding & marketing to Live365).

"As more and more radio listening moves online, I'm thrilled to be part of the radio revolution,” said Constantine. “Live365 is fully involved in creating new products and improving the experience of radio listening! It's exciting to be part of the brain trust."

Live365, Inc. is a leader in internet broadcasting and the choice of over 5000 internet broadcasters since their launch in 1999.

Constantine is a lifelong broadcaster with decades of experience in broadcasting. He has programmed over 40 stations ranging from Pop, AC, Rock, Oldies, Alternative and AAA and has received award recognition from prestigious media organizations Billboard Magazine, Radio & Records and the National Association of Broadcasters.

With over 14 years with CBS Radio, Dennis has also worked for Cumulus Radio and Public Radio stations in New York, Philadelphia, Boston & Denver.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Amanda Knox - Return To Sender?

MEMPHIS, TN (IFS) -- Will the United States Department of Justice force Amanda Knox to return to Italy?  It would be a terrible miscarriage of justice if this was enforced.  Double jeopardy is our law of the land, regardless of the outcome.  But, it appears that Italy's system of justice only deletes a verdict, then repeats it at their own choosing.  Then again, what does one expect for a country that sided with Hitler during WWII.  It seems that the "nuts" don't fall to far from the tree.

If Ms. Knox is not returned to Hi-Italy. . . what are they going to do?  Declare war on us?  I believe they did that once before.  It appears that did not workout to well for them at that time.  So to have Ms. Knox returned to Italy for some redundant charge that has been rendered, the US Government should take into consideration that a verdict has been given. The case if closed.  End of the story.

What a price to have hanging on one's head forever?

No one will really know the whole story.  It took over four and a half years to get to the verdict that got Ms. Knox back to the US.  It is obvious, that she is never going to win.  She is always going to be treated as guilty no matter what.

If the Italian people don't want to come to visit the United States, then good for them, it makes more room for other visitors.  As for American citizens visiting Italy. . . you better watch out, because you will be targets of abuse.  I say, lets all leave the place and let them kept their verdict, but you can't have Amanda!

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