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Is it illegal or not to download music from Internet for free?

Answer from wilcoxon
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generally illegal

It really depends on where you are downloading the music from.  Is the site carefully obeying copyright (iTunes, Rhapsody, etc) or is it egregiously ignoring copyright (pretty much all P2P networks)?  The former are perfectly legal but all cost money (either per song purchase or subscription).  The latter are illegal.

That said, I've never understood why there isn't a legal way to download music for free for a limited time.  Long ago, when I was in college, I bought quite a bit of music I liked from borrowing CDs from friends and downloading songs from the internet (pre-WWW, there were just a few sites with lots of music).  It always seemed like an obvious marketing bonus to be able to have people listen to the music before buying it (the 30-second previews on iTunes, Amazon, etc help but are often not enough to convince me to buy a song/album).
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Answer from ladyofgunslinger
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It's legal to download music, so far, but what is illegal is sharing the music you download

Therein lies the crux; if people didn't share, there'd be no way to download music for free.  You can change your settings in free download sites to not share any of your music, but other users can block users that don't share from downloading anything from their music list.  Anectode-wise, from what I read, it seems like the only people that get caught and sued for sharing are people that share popular music or music from bands that have specifically spoken out against illegal sharing (like Metallica).  Hope this helps

Answer from SheweeGirl
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it varies...

if its free from like itunes or the artist directly then yes or if its like limewire its illegal.

Answer from alize14
is it illlegal or legal to download music to the internet


Answer from Lexxx
In most cases it is illegal, unless the artist is deliberately giving away some free tracks as promotion. Such as this one - this site is genuine for legal free electronic music mp3s and they are all high quality (192kb or 256kb). Very simple to use and you can basically just download the tracks: 

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