Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Univision's Jorge Ramos: It's my 'right' to challenge Trump on immigration

DUNNINGAN, CA (IFS)-- Mr. Ramos, you prove to be rude and over barring for a reporter.  It is a custom is this country that one rises his or her hand and request to be heard, and not just bully your way into the conversation just because you can.-khs 

Jorge Ramos says Donald Trump's event on Tuesday was "the first time in my life, anywhere in the world, in which I have been escorted out of a press conference." The Univision anchorman's testy Q&A with Trump has the political and media worlds buzzing.
Some Trump supporters and conservative commentators say the candidate should have left Ramos outside, since the journalist stood up and starting asking questions without being called on.Perhaps both men benefited -- Ramos by getting to challenge Trump in front of millions of viewers, Trump by getting to appear gracious by letting the reporter back in, then tough by responding to the rapid-fire questions.
Trump said on Wednesday's "Today" show that Ramos "was totally out of line last night" and was "ranting and raving like a madman."
But Ramos says it's his "right" as a "U.S. citizen, as an immigrant, and as a journalist" to ask Trump about the candidate's controversial immigration proposals.
Speaking on CNN's "New Day," Ramos said he stood up to ask about Trump's deportation plan.
"The one who is out of line is Donald Trump," Ramos said.
Trump has fostered hatred and division, "and we have to call him out on that," he added.

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