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On the air: Low-power radio stations give New Mexico communities a voice

On the air: Low-power radio stations give New Mexico communities a voice

Local, low-powered radio stations gaining steam

Local, low-powered radio stations gaining steam


- Associated Press - Saturday, August 1, 2015 
JANESVILLE, Wis. (AP) - Local radio is on the rise in a big way even though the towers are short, the transmitters the size of home stereo receivers and the talent in need of more polish.

Passion, dedication and a willingness to share locally produced programming that traditional commercial stations have abandoned, however, are abundant.
In Janesville, the second floor studio of WADR-FM/103.5 is in what had been a historic home that later was converted to office space, the Wisconsin State Journal ( ) reported. In Monona, studios are housed in City Hall, and in Sun Prairie, in the city’s Media Center adjacent to the public library.
The trio of stations is among the state’s newest low-powered FM radio stations making local programming a priority in a day of syndication, automation and conglomeration.

“It’s really empowering for communities and for individuals,” said Yuri Rashkin, one of the founders of WADR. “It’s making it easier for voices to be heard.”

Low-powered stations are taking off across the country after the FCC announced in 2012 that it would open up frequencies for 300 stations. Now, many of those stations, with limited signals, have either just begun or are about to begin broadcasting a wide range of programming that can include local news, events, government meetings, high school sports, music from multiple genres, Bible scripture, comedy and programs aimed at specific ethnic cultures.

School districts, city governments, churches, foundations and other nonprofits are among those that have applied for the permits.

In Black Earth, for example, the Mazomanie Music Conservancy, formed in 2010 to promote area music, has been awarded a station at 92.5 FM.

In northwestern Jefferson County, the Waterloo Christian Radio Corporation has been assigned 96.9 FM while in Portage, the Seventh-Day Adventists have 93.5 FM. None have begun broadcasting.
Not so in Rock County, where at 100 watts, WADR blankets Janesville and can be heard a mile or two beyond the city limits, depending on the terrain.

Startup costs were less than $20,000, with much of the work and equipment donated for the ambitious project. The station signed on the air June 24 and held a grand opening celebration on Friday after streaming programming on the Internet since late 2013.

“You can actually turn on your radio and hear it now,” said Gordy LaChance, an information technology manager for the city who put in countless volunteer hours setting up the station.
“People have referred to us as hobby radio but we wanted to show that this is a professional operation and I think we’ve accomplished that.”

Despite its low budget and all-volunteer staff, the station looks and sounds professional.

This is where listeners can hear Oscar Wilson host Big Daddy O’s Blues Garage, Edie Baran talk about the local arts scene and Esther Turner relieve stress with her Mindful Mondays program. Ray and Annette Jewell deliver local church activities, there’s a Spanish language program and there is talk of creating a polka show.
“It’s going to happen,” said Rashkin. “To be in Wisconsin and not have a polka show . come on.”

Dane County is home to WIDE-FM/99.1 on the Southwest Side, which went on the air in 2008 and is run out of program director Bob Park’s garage. WIXL-FM/97.1 is licensed to Lake City Church, 4909 E. Buckeye Road, and signed on in 2007, while there are plans for stations for the Lussier Community Education Center on the Far West Side, Madison Christian Low Power FM near Monona and the First Unitarian Society of Madison with an antenna in Downtown Madison.

Two of the more notable projects in the Madison area are hitting the on-air button this summer.

WLSP-FM/103.5, licensed through the Sun Prairie Community Foundation, began testing Thursday and is scheduled to begin regular programming on Monday. The $30,000 station, with a 100-watt signal, has an antenna mounted on a water tower near the Sun Prairie Aquatic Center and will ultimately broadcast a wide variety of local programming to listeners in a 5- to 6-mile radius.

The station, with about 50 volunteers and funding from cable access fees and fundraisers, is housed in the same facility as KSUN, Sun Prairie’s long-running community access television station.

“We feel like we’re hitting the ground running because we have so much programming on our TV station that we’ll repurpose,” said Jeff Robbins, the media center’s executive director. “I think community radio is putting the power of media back into the hands of citizens. It’s an incredible opportunity.”

In Monona, the $116,000 in startup costs for WVMO-FM/98.7 is being funded by fees assessed to cable subscribers. The station is located in city hall, “is equipped with top-of-the-line broadcast gear” and has an antenna mounted to a cellphone tower on top of the hose tower for the Monona Fire Department.

Will Nimmow, city media director, is working with longtime radio executive Lindsay Wood Davis on the project. More than 20 volunteers have expressed interest in creating programming that includes jazz, classic rock and some shows using vinyl records. There will be news from Monona City Council and Monona Grove School Board meetings along with interviews of local officials and segments on the city’s history.

Testing will begin in August but the official launch is set for Aug. 21 with the broadcast of the Monona Grove High School football game at Mount Horeb. The station’s signal will blanket Monona, Madison’s Downtown and East Side, and could possibly reach as far as McFarland, Maple Bluff and Madison’s Near West Side.
“It has to be a service just like the community center or the library,” Nimmow said. “It’s pretty amazing how many people we’re getting involved. Hopefully, they’ll stay involved.”

In Janesville, WADR (Wisconsin’s Alternative Destination Radio) is the result of community members coming together and creating Janesville Community Radio. A group of what is now 40 volunteers, led by a seven-person board of directors, applied for the license through the United Arts Alliance, a nonprofit county arts coalition formed in 1996. The group, with no ties to the city, was granted a license in June 2014.

Financial support comes through donations, volunteers and underwriting by area businesses and organizations.

Rashkin, 41, who teaches at UW-Whitewater and interprets Russian in area court cases, is the longtime host of Discover Janesville, a podcast that now has a home on the air.

WADR could be considered a smaller version of WORT-FM in Madison and a younger WDRT-FM in Viroqua. Both are successful community-oriented radio stations, although WADR has the unique distinction of airing 40 Beloit Snappers minor league baseball games this summer, even though the broadcast signal doesn’t reach the stadium. The team had been buying time on another station. When it couldn’t reach an agreement, it bought time on WADR, providing a welcome revenue stream for the upstart operation and an opportunity for the Snappers to reach listeners in Janesville.

“We’re the only community radio station that I’m aware of anywhere that has a professional or semiprofessional team,” Rashkin said. “It was a match made in heaven.”

Janesville is far from lacking when it comes to radio. The city is home to two popular commercial stations owned by Southern Wisconsin Broadcasting and located just down the street from WADR. WJVL-FM/99.9 is a powerful country music station that delivers news, school closings and does local remote broadcasts. At 1230 AM is WCLO, a news-talk station that covers local news, agriculture happenings, high school sports and carries Badgers, Bucks, Brewers and Packers games. It also airs more than 14 hours of nationally syndicated programming a day, according to its website.

Paul Krapf, 41, a former truck driver and General Motors worker turned radio guy, is WADR’s chief operator who keeps a laptop close to him to monitor the station and, if need be, has an app on his smartphone that allows him to broadcast from anywhere. This week, the station will broadcast from the Rock County 4H Fair and a block party could be in the works for next summer.

“I just kind of dove into this head-first just trying to help out, and it turned into a full-time thing,” said Krapf, who doesn’t draw a salary. “I like it. For every struggle that comes up, we’ve seemed to find a solution and worked through it. We use what we have and make it work.”
Information from: Wisconsin State Journal,

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Grammy Award Winning Producer Joins Forces With Indie Radio Favorite Singer/Songwriter

Music Industry News Network [01-07-2016]

Grammy Award Winning Producer Joins Forces With Indie Radio Favorite Singer/Songwriter



Artists that 2 time Grammy award winner Don McCollister has worked with have collectivley sold over 15 million albums, been nominated for 85 major music awards, of which they have won 47, had 34 #1 billboard hits and charted singles. Often dubbed "the artist's" producer because he himself is a multi-instrumentalist who continues to perform live on the festival circuit. His band the Smokin' Novas (Andrew Hyra, Brian Bristow) will be playing the prestigious 30A Songwriters Festival ( alongside artists McCollister has previously produced (Kristian Bush & Shawn Mullins to name a few).

Claire Pearson (previously performed as Pearson Perry but dropped the Perry moniker after divorce) is an Atlanta based singer-songwriter whose song "Love is a Mountain" (co-written with Heidi Higgins) charted #37 on on the top 100 list of most played singles on independent radio in 2014. She was also one of the top 5 most played pop artists on independent radio in 2014 according to Roots Music Report. She founded Atlanta Intown Songwriters in 2011 to build the Atlanta artist network for aspiring songwriters.

McCollister joined forces with Pearson last summer when he moved down the street from her in Ormewood Park, Atlanta, GA. The two quickly found that their voices blended easily and Claire's songwriting and Don's production skills were a good match. They spent a week holed up in Pearson's bedroom recording their upcoming album The Bedroom Sessions which is currently in production and will be released in early 2016. The two describe their music as "sexy, folk, pop, country" which relies heavily on acoustic instruments, loop building, and tight vocal harmonies. The song #heybabe will be the first single and can be heard for free on their website


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FCC's CRB Rule Closes over 300,000 US Internet Radio Stations by January 31, 2016 - The End of an Era is Here!!

Radio News (more headlines) 01-17-2016

SDC Digital Radio Networks Will Close Its Doors To Receiving Any And All Music For Its Broadcast Shows

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SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS, SDC RADIO NETWORKS THAT INCLUDE STARMEDIA RADIO ONE, KDTN RADIO ONE, SDC RADIO ONE, SDC RADIOMIXX and SDC DIGITAL ONE has been one of Live365's most successful radio broadcasting units in the history of internet radio.

As things, the good, the bad and the ugly internet radio stations on this platform is now history and we appreciated each and everyone that had a little joy added to their lives each and everyday. It was truly a labor of love.

We introduced the world to many new artists and help create lasting legacies among many fans and artists.

It has been a great blessing as well as having something to do as reviewing great music and programming them on our flagship stations.

So what this all means is that every internet radio station is considered a full radio station and is subject to all the rules of the FCC's COMMERCIAL RADIO BROADCASTERS code.

This means that every internet radio station originating from the United States has to pay all royalties as the brick and mortar stations.

So the note from Team Live365 as follows:

1. The CRB ruling handed down in December, 2015 did NOT renew or address the expiration of the small webcaster percentage of revenue plans. At this time there is no small webcaster options except for full CRB rates.

2. Live365's long time investors have stopped funding us. As a result, we are no longer able to sustain our service.

We are sad that we are closing our doors at the end of this month. There are always possibilities that we can come back in one form or another, but at this point in time, January 31, 2016 is the last day that Live365's streaming servers and website will be maintained and supported.

This is a surprise to us as it is to all of you. We are proud that Live365 was a pioneer in the streaming music business and have provided a platform to hundreds of thousands of broadcasters to have a voice over the years.

Unfortunately, the SDC DIGITAL RADIO FAMILY must say good bye. Thank each and everyone of you again for listening to us.

Kenneth Howard Smith,
SDC OmniMedia Group - SDC Digital Radio Networks Will Close Its Doors To Receiving Any And All Music For Its Broadcast Shows - SDC Digital Radio Networks Will Close Its Doors To Receiving Any And All Music For Its Broadcast Shows

Live365 Alternative – Worried about Live365 Closing?

Live365 Alternative – Worried about Live365 Closing?

At the end of last year internet radio hosting platform Live365 announced it might closing it’s doors for good at the start of 2016, leaving broadcasters worried that their streams will be switched off permanently.
Live365 has had to lay off most staff and shut down its offices if it doesn’t get funding – They lost support from investors when the new royalty rates, set by the Copyright Royalty Board, will no longer make provisions for small web-casters to opt for a percentage of rates.
Live365 contacted broadcasters with the following:
Dear Live365 Listener,

For 17 years, Live365 has offered small webcasters the opportunity to stream music and talk programming, providing an alternative distribution channel for diverse, quality content on the Internet in a legally responsible way.

Recently, the Copyright Royalty Board, the governing entity for establishing the sound recording royalty rates that are paid to copyright holders, has published the new rates for 2016-20. The previous provisions for small webcasters to opt for a percentage of revenue model were not renewed.

The current provisions end at the end of 2015. The absence of this license will make legally streaming copyrighted musical content prohibitively expensive for many small to mid-sized Internet broadcasters. Live365 relies on this license for many of their broadcast partners and, as such, has hard decisions to make regarding their future in the streaming industry.

Two weeks ago, Live365 faced an additional blow, losing the support of its investors who have helped the company with its mission for over a decade.

The company was forced to significantly reduce staff and is now actively looking for partners to help continue the service into 2016. At this time, Live365 is planning to keep their stations active while getting the word out about this investment opportunity. With nearly two decades of Internet streaming experience and thousands of paying customers, this could be an ideal situation for a company looking to diversify into streaming audio.

CEO N. Mark Lam has begun initial discussions with possible business partners as the company looks to new options in the new year.

Dean Kattari, Director of Broadcasting for Live365:

The true value of Live365 lies in it’s diversity of content – it’s a sanctuary where you can hear music and other content that it so unlike the template broadcasting that is heard on most terrestrial radio. These stations are the hard work of real human beings who use Live365 to share their vision with the world. It’s a home for musical discovery because many of these stations play emerging artists that terrestrial stations are reluctant to take a chance on. It would be a great loss for this to all go away.

While Live365 is going through this process, we understand that our listeners will have questions about how all of this will affect their service so we have provided a simple FAQ section to help answer some of them.

We thank you for being part of the Live365 family and hope for the best in 2016.

Rock on,
The Last of the Live365ers

Where Does This Leave Broadcasters?

Unlike Live365, isn’t funded by investment and is completely debt free – We ensure that broadcasters are always online streaming 24/7 and are on hand to help.

What About Music Licensing?

You don’t actually need to own a license in order to broadcast your stream online, however if your station plays music, as opposed to a talk radio station, you may need to obtain a license in order to fully protect yourself and ensure you are not infringing on anyone else’s copyright. is an internet radio broadcasting platform that focuses on providing the latest tools and services – Content broadcasted using our services is entirely your responsibility.
Figuring out the type of license you need can seem confusing at first as there are many companies offering coverage, however the easiest approach is to use an umbrella license that covers you internationally, such as: BMI, SoundExchange, or ASCAP.

Restrict Listener Access

You can stop listeners from accessing your stream based on their location, which is really useful depending on the type of license your radio station holds.
Geo Protection gives you the ability to either allow a particular country from accessing your stream, meaning everyone else from around the world can’t, or blocking certain countries which don’t fall under your station’s license.

7 Day Free Trial

With anything new you just want to get to grips with it first before fully committing, that’s why at we’re offering you a 7 day free trial.
Upload your tracks, manage what broadcasts and when, and invite DJs to stream live to your radio station.
Start Your 7 Day FREE Trial & Start Broadcasting Today!

Live365 Radio Stations Platform has come to an End and will cease operation on January 31, 2016.

January 15th, 2016
Dear Live365 Broadcasters,

You should have already received our notification and link to the press release regarding two issues that have affected Live365 in the last few weeks.

1. The CRB ruling handed down in December, 2015 did NOT renew or address the expiration of the small webcaster percentage of revenue plans. At this time there is no small webcaster options except for full CRB rates. 

2. Live365's long time investors have stopped funding us.  As a result, we are no longer able to sustain our service.

 We are sad that we are closing our doors at the end of this month. There are always possibilities that we can come back in one form or another, but at this point in time, January 31, 2016 is the last day that Live365's streaming servers and website will be maintained and supported.

This is a surprise to us as it is to all of you.   We are proud that Live365 was a pioneer in the streaming music business and have provided a platform to hundreds of thousands of broadcasters to have a voice over the years.  
Unfortunately, we have to say good bye.  

To ease the transition for you, we have spoken to a number of other streaming providers that can provide services for your broadcasts. 

Budget of over $100/month + Direct Licensing w/SoundExchange or agreement
Streamguys - - Live365's recommended provider of streaming services for high end internet radio broadcasts and simulcasts.
Just fill out the form at
Let them know you are from Live365. 

Need Royalty Coverage?
If you need to have royalty coverage for your broadcast, we recommend licensing directly with SoundExchange. This removes many uncertainties and any middleman.

If licensing directly is something you cannot or will not 
take on yourself then we would recommend going with one of the following providers. - They offer licensing coverage with specific reporting and rules. You may be able to use them with your preferred provider. Please see their website for details. They do not provide streaming just licensing.

Radionomy - - They 
provide "free" streaming with royalty coverage though you will need to hit certain monthly listening hour caps to remain on the service. Broadcasters smaller than 5,000 monthly hours are not recommended.

SecureNet and - and - This combination will provide you with some level of royalty coverage. SecureNet will provide you a discounted fee. Please contact Diego Baeza at or call 954.481.9402 x204.

We are honored to have served your needs over the last decade and a half.
It has been a wild ride both economically, from the pre-dotcom bust days all the way through the Great Recession, as well as technologically, with internet radio going from an unknown, quirky, muddy idea to a ubiquitous technology that hundreds of millions enjoy. Sadly, Live365's portion of the ride is ending.

Again, streaming services and website access will not be supported beyond 1/31/2016.

We have extremely limited resources with the current skeleton crew. We regret that we will not be able to respond to all of you, so we apologize in advance.

All the best,

The Live365 Team

Live365, Inc., 950 Tower Ln Ste 1550 Foster City, CA 94404
This email was intended for:

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Music Submissions for Sire Records (Warner Bros. Records)

Music Submissions for Sire Records (Warner)


Music Submissions for Sire Records
Music Submissions for Sire Records - Sire Records is an American record label, owned by Warner Music Group and distributed through Warner Bros. Records. 

Current roster includes: Against Me, Blu, Eisley, Evan Taubenfeld, Fountains of Wayne, Foxy Shazam, HIM, Jack's Mannequin, LIGHTS, Meg & Dia, Never Shout Never, Regina Spektor, Tegan and Sara, The Maine, The Spill Canvas, The Veronicas

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Eileen Carey Set to Appear on KCAL-TV’s “The Weekend Morning Show” Jan. 10k

Eileen Carey Set to Appear on KCAL-TV’s “The Weekend Morning Show” Jan. 10k

(Nashville, TN. January 5, 2016)  The endlessly versatile vocalist Eileen Carey and her latest single, “Faith,” roar in the new year with an astounding eight cross-format award consideration nominations from New Music Weekly.  Moreover, Carey’s YouTube channel has been garnering new and repeat viewers by the thousands, and her heightened prominence has earned her an upcoming guest appearance on “The Weekend Morning Show” on KCAL-TV, the CBS powerhouse in Los Angeles.
“This past year has been a whirlwind,” says Carey.  “But a whirlwind’s my kind of weather.  My fans have made all the achievements possible, and I intend to match their enthusiasm with equal musical energy.”
Carey is up for a nomination consideration for Female Artist of the Year, Best New AC/Hot AC Artist and Breakthrough Artist of the Year in New Music Weekly’s AC/Hot AC category.  In the Country division, she’s in the running for Female Artist and Breakthrough Artist of the Year.  And to tie it all up in a bow, she’s also contending for the Crossover Artist of the Year trophy.

 “Faith,” which she co-wrote with Kathryn Grimm, is vying for both AC/Hot AC and Country Single of the Year honors.
At last count, Carey’s popular YouTube channel had racked up more than 100,000 views and was still growing.  She will doubtlessly expand her fan base Sunday, Jan. 10, when she brings her musical magic to “The Weekend Morning Show” on KCAL-TV.  Carey is back in the studio this month recording her next album in Los Angeles.

Keep current on Carey’s music by visiting:


For more information contact:
Susan Collier PR
OFFICE:(615) 356-0375
CELL: (615) 714-7974

joey alkes 4 Eileen Carey
626 296 0342
mobile 626 372 9599

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SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS HALTED BY ARISTA RECORDS, CDBaby, ET AL from playing their music on their Radio Station and Top 50 Show

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) --SDC RADIO NETWORKS  of Dunningan, California, one of the pioneers of internet radio is facing staggering odds, as the possibility that a United States Supreme Court decision may be the last straw to break the camels back.

 Kenneth Howard Smith, CEO/President of SDC OmniMedia Group, the parent company to SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS, says that Arista Records, CDBaby, and Youtube has caused major damage to its reputation and digital programming, by causing SDC to halt its last broadcast on SDC Top 50 Artist and Songs for 2015.

Smith wants damages for destroying his business and his company's reputation in the digital distribution of music via its digital radio networks.  Smith contends that all of the music that is played on his stations are personally send and received by SDC Radio via emails, or/and US Postal Services

It appears that SDC Radio will have to pull most of its music from its 30 USA stations that belong to many artists in all kinds of categories and markets.

Presently, the below artists will have to have their music pulled from SDC Radio's playlists as of now.

Copyright Claims Against Internet Radio Poineer SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS continue to be mounted by Arista Records and Youtube

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- The long arm of the music police continues to hammer away at internet radio giant SDC Digital Radio Networks for copyright violations injected by Arista Records and Youtube leading the fight.

Kenneth Howard Smith, CEO/President of SDC OmniMedia Group, the parent company for SDC Digital Radio Networks, SDC Radio Networks and its subsidiaries for alledged copyright violation in playing their music.

Smith argues that all of the music received by the artists are directly from them and to have an injunction against SDC Radio is against all protocols in the radio industry.  Smith finds Arista Records claims are false and that they have caused serious damages to SDC OMNIMEDIA GROUP and will seek compensation in the amount of $100 MILLION for defamation of character and false reporting of a false claim.

Smith further submitted that, all music received by SDC Radio is from the record companies themselves and the artists that email the music, use the United States Postal Services to mail the radio station the copies for airplay.

Muse's News - January 2016

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My goal is to get started on the new design of The Muse's Muse - and it's happening! It'll be several months from now before it's completed, but I'm glad to say that encouraging work is being started. I'll keep you all posted!
In other news, there's a new reviewer on the website! This makes me very happy. :) It especially makes me happy because you folks will already know Anastasia from having read her book reviews previously here in The Muse's News. She's a wonderful writer and a wonderful person to work with. Anastasia K is now listed as a reviewer at (how to submit music to her is on the main Music Reviews page) - and I hope you'll consider sending her some stuff to have a listen to.
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