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FLASH SALE on WAMCon Virtual tickets

Hi SDC RadioWorks,

Happy Friday! For today only we're doing a FLASH SALE on WAMCon Virtual tickets. Get yours with the promo code: WAMFLASH2020 and snag your tickets at a 50% discount.
Sale ends tonight at 11:59pm PDT. We can't wait to see you at WAMCon.

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PS - Busy next weekend but still want to attend? No problem. Your ticket gets you access to the recording for one week, so you can watch the replay at any time.
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Friday, July 24, 5-7pm PDT / 8-10pm EDT
Keynote: "Engineering Prince" with Lisa Chamblee, Sylvia Massy, Peggy McCreary, and Susan Rogers, moderated by Leslie Ann Jones
Saturday, July 25, 11am-3:30pm PDT / 2pm-6:30pm EDT
Workshops and Demos: 
Deconstructing a Mix with Marcella Araica
Beatmaking 101 with Zukye Ardella
Inside Capitol Chambers with Universal Audio
Live Concert Sound with Amanda Davis
and more!
(Ticket pricing covers both days. Sorry, we are unable to offer 1-day tickets at this time.)
Marcella "Ms. Lago" Araica - Mixing Engineer (Beyoncé, Madonna)
Zukye Ardella - Producer and Engineer (Princess Nokia)
Lisa Chamblee - GRAMMY-nominated Recording Engineer (Prince, Stevie Wonder); COO & Co-founder Reftone
Amanda Davis - Front of House Engineer (Janelle Monáe, Ella Mai, Chloe X Halle)
Leslie Ann Jones - Multiple GRAMMY-winning Recording Engineer and Producer (Skywalker)
Sylvia Massy - GRAMMY-winning Producer, Mixing, Recording Engineer (Prince, Tool, Johnny Cash)
Peggy McCreary - Audio Engineer (Prince, Booker T. Jones, Van Halen)
Susan Rogers - Producer and Engineer (Prince, David Byrne); Director, Berklee Music Perception & Cognition Lab
And More!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tech Writer Calls For Twitter To Remove Trump Tweets | Morning Joe | MSNBC

FBI Opens Preliminary Investigation into the untimely death of Cellphone pioneer Theodore A Smith

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- The United States Federal  Bureau of Investigation has opened up a preliminary Case against the Atlanta Georgia hospital system and its staff for the untimely death of Theodore A Smith, who died on the surgery table from internal bleeding in November 22, 2017.  Smith a student of Rosamond High School, in Rosamond California, in the 1960's help develop the young cell phone industry by the invention of the Merlin Solutions Box that help to propel the industry into micro-towers and sublevel wireless broadcasting that help to expand the cell towers from 50,000 towers a year into over 250,000 installed per year.  Smith was responsible for the cellphone installations and services in Kenya.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Rachelle Buchanan postpones long awaited Tell-All Book - From Seeds to Riches

MEMPHIS, TN (IFS) – Word has reached the offices of Internet Federation of Syndicate News Writers (IFS), that Arizona Gardening Guru, Rachelle Buchanan, (Planting Arizona – SDCTV) has decided that her biography RKB – FROM SEEDS TO RICHES will be postponed for several months.

Buchanan decided that she was not mentally ready to face the challenges of the rugged recall that impeded her when growing up as a child in Illinois and Arizona.  As the seventh child of Arthur and Roberta Sholz,  the young Rachelle enjoyed learning the skills that her grandmother gave her, and the love of gardening. 

Buchanan’s book is straight to the point and holds nothing back.  It’s the book that will one day be filmed and will be a contender for several awards.  As stated earlier, the preface of the book was enough to put it on hold, and it was not even Chapter One.  When Buchanan will start back on the writing of the book will be up to her health and her outlook into the future value of such a book.

Buchanan’s hit SDCTV/PLEX gardening show is a must-watch for gardeners and beginners everywhere.  Over eight (8) years ago, Buchanan started a “Mystery Mellons” campaign to help in the food deserts of the World.  Expanding to children in homes that are in the city, and seniors that were in nursing homes. 

“It is so healing to help grow plants and foodstuffs in small places,”  Buchanan added.  In the early days, Buchanan would just ship the seeds.  However, these days, her “Mystery Mellons” comes with everything you need to grow food, including seeds, soil, and growing containers all in one package.

The program has been so successful, Buchanan refuses to slow down, and continues to garden regularly on her video show with her experimental gardens and projects were all over Arizona, including Southern California and Southern Nevada.

Buchanan’s book publisher, SDC PaperDreams Imprint and Digital Publishing Division will reset their publishing deadline to help ease the continuity that she needs to project into this biography.

Buchanan was given the opportunity to start on the book over several months ago, and the right tone of the project could not be found.

With several in-house writers that started on the Preface portion.  Buchanan decided that the storyline was to close to home, and she said that it was like taking a shot of acid and zooming into the sky.  The emotions of her life are somewhat drastic and writing on the biography was more complicated and stressful than at first to be believed.

Kenneth Howard Smith, CEO/President of SDC OmniMedia Group, the parent company of PaperDreams Imprint, told IFS, that he was willing to give Buchanan all the space she needed to complete the book.  In the meantime, Buchanan's new album MUSIC FOR GROWING PLANTS will be available for purchase and or download by June 20, 2020.

Smith also, expressed his sincere apology to Ms. Buchanan for having to recall such abuse and torment from family members, that to this day has taken a great toll.  When Buchanan’s story is told and the book released, the fallout will be extraordinary.  

Thursday, April 23, 2020

SDC RadioWorks Weekly Update

SDC RadioWorks Weekly Update

Just for you from Mixcloud. We've pulled together some great uploads that we think you'll enjoy. Check them out below and have a listen!

Terra Nova 2

LTJ Bukem - FABRICLIVE x Promo Mix 27.07.2010

[ Việt Mix ] - Full Hót ( Hãy Trao Cho Anh & Sóng Gió - Từng Yêu ( Chất )...Thành Lực ( Chính Chủ)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

WATCH: CBS Reporter Paula Reid Impressively Grills Donald Trump On The Government's Response To COVID-19

Digg Editions
Tue, Apr 14
SPONSORED BY CB_horizontal_color_logo@3x
Why Did The World Shut Down For COVID-19 But Not Ebola, SARS Or Swine Flu?
In the past two decades, the world battled Ebola, SARS and more than one major flu outbreak. Those left tragedies in their wake but didn't cause the same level of societal and economic disruption that COVID-19 has.
The People Who Will Profit Off The Coronavirus Pandemic
When COVID-19 recedes, it will leave behind a severe economic crisis. But, as always, some people will profit.
Generation C Has Nowhere To Turn
Recent history suggests young people could see their careers derailed, finances shattered, and social lives upended.
Some Companies Deserve To Fail
Why we shouldn't bail out the airlines and cruise companies.
This Tiny Company Is Disrupting The $27 Trillion Retirement Industry
Once this startup's founder realized that only 26% of Americans are on track to retire, he launched a free tool that matches you with the right fiduciary financial advisors in your area.
Behold 'Dune': An Exclusive Look At Photos Of Denis Villeneuve's Sci-Fi Epic
Feuding royals. A deadly planet. Before "Star Wars" or "Game of Thrones," there was Frank Herbert's legendary sci-fi novel.
This Abandoned Site Was Once The 'City Of 1,001 Churches'
The capital of medieval Armenia, the city of Ani was a thriving center of trade and faith, survived by its haunting ruins.
Confessions Of An Obsolete Child Actor
Being cast in "School of Rock" was a defining moment in my life — for better or worse.
A 64-Year-Old Man Accidentally Ejected Himself From A Fighter Jet At 2,500 Feet
A surprise company outing to an air base caused a 64-year-old French man so much stress that he flung himself from a fighter jet in midair, grabbing the ejector button in a panic and tumbling through the skies above France before landing in a field.
Disney+ Found A Truly Bizarre Way To Edit A Bare Butt Out Of 1984 Tom Hanks Movie 'Splash'
Turns out, we've gotten… more culturally conservative since 1984.
Governors Form Groups To Explore Lifting Virus Restrictions; Trump Says He Alone Will Decide
Amazon Fires Two Tech Workers After They Publicly Criticized Warehouse Conditions
After Killing Investigation, Bloomberg News Sought To Silence Reporter's Wife
WATCH: CBS Reporter Paula Reid Impressively Grills Donald Trump On The Government's Response To COVID-19
Launch A Podcast For Less Than $45 With This 39-Hour Training
Life in self-isolation is a great time to finally launch that podcast idea. The Start-to-Finish Guide to Launching a Successful Podcast Bundle offers 39 hours of training to get you started. It's $44.99 today.
The Great Bitcoin Experiment That Failed (2016)
St. Petersburg was supposed to be the "Bitcoin capital of the world." It isn't.
The Sordid Double Life Of Washington's Most Powerful Ambassador (2017)
Yousef al-Otaiba, the UAE's influential ambassador to Washington, led a hard-partying life that eventually collided with his professional world.
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