Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dixie Chicks' -Not Ready To Be Nice- Drops From Charts after Seven Year Run

MEMPHIS (IFS) -- Internet powerhouse playlist-er KDTN Radio One  has finally given the Dixie Chicks its last spin this week after "Not Ready To Be Nice" entered its charts over seven years ago at the Number #1 spot and slowly moved its way slowly down the charts to the listening position of 0.84 listeners for the song.

This only means that approximately less than 2,000 listeners wanted to hear the greatest song in radio history being played.  KDTN Radio One chose to play the DC's songs when Country Radio decided that they were not going to and the right wingers pulled the Chicks records off regular rotation.

It really did not hurt them, but did confirm one thing, that you don't need a radio station to play your songs and get a hit record for you.

In an instant, radio changed from being the driving force, to just  being there for the radio listeners, if they decided not to change the channel.

Currently, KDTN Radio One's latest rebel group to get into the spotlight is Russia's Pussy Riot, with the title song that's unpronounceable, but only called "The Putin Church Song" because it got them put in prison for two years.  KDTN promises to play the song until Pussy Riot is let out of prison.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Michigan police facing questions after shooting homeless man 46 times | National News

Michigan police facing questions after shooting homeless man 46 times | National News: Saginaw police felt it was necessary to open fire “because apparently, at this point in time, he was threatening to assault police.”

What is Legitimate Rape? Only During the Vietnam War

What is Legitimate Rape? Only During the Vietnam War
By Kenny Smith, IFS News Writers

MEMPHIS (IFS) - Todd Akin’s must have been one of the soldiers during the Vietnam War in the killing fields.  The Vietcong women of the villages would insert razor blades into their vaginas and that of their young female children, and try to seduce and entice the American soldiers to have sex with them after their men would abandon the village after a fire fight.  It was a subject of many daily meetings with the troops before going out into the fields.

So the question would be, how do you check a female prisoner for such items in her private area by inserting an object to find the razor blades and other objects? 

Without to much imagination on this subject, this was by far, something foreign to servicemen and women in war.  The hidden bombs and guns in the baby beds and carriers was just one of the many dangers of war.

Now, back to Mr. Akin’s remarks of “legitimate rape” can not be answered with any explanation at any level.  Not even the one above from the daily briefings from the war in Vietnam

So in the eyes and hands of Mr. Akin, he must have had to be in the fields of Vietnam, where the subject of “legitimate rape” would constitute a search for weapons and “other” things of war.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

LoLo Jones: You Still The One For Me

LoLo Jones:  You Still The One For Me
By Kenny Smith, KDTN Radio One

MEMPHIS (IFS) – LoLo Jones finished her 12 second race in the fourth position, did not get a medal, but she got my heart.  Finishing in the race did not give her what she hoped for, but it did give me hope for the future.  She’s a national icon that will not go away to soon.  Her very hard work six days a week for over four years did however landed her in the hearts of the entire nation.  You are a champion, and will always be one.

Ms. Jones has nothing to be a shame of or about.  She laid her heart on the line and gave it her all.  Sometimes, it just ends that way in life too.  As in a song written by RG Ingersoll, the famed Motown songwriter, “Nobody said love was easy, Nobody wins each time around”, but to that tune from Ingersoll, it is understood, that we all must continue on with life and with the task at hand of living each and everyday of our lives with laying it on the line with each and ever breath.

It takes a real dedicated person to pursue their dreams, and Jones is an example of during just that.  She’s a winner regardless of getting a medal.  Her medal is on the inside of her, and it shows all the time.

The media was not fair to her and seemed to downgrade her as a person, when they should have been talking about her accomplishments of being the American champion that was going against the other great athletes in her competition. 

This writer hopes that other young ladies are not defeated in their quest for medals, and overlook the real challenges of live, the desire of just getting in the position to get to the Olympics.  That’s a feat within itself.  Ms. Jones, I for one stand up and gives you great respect and with hopes that you will one day complete your dream.  However, you have other great attributes to complete in sports broadcasting and business adventures that will out shine anything you will ever do on the track and field.

You are a shinning example of real sportsmanship and a person of great importance to me and the United States of America.  Getting a medal is important, but as Muhammad Ali, when he was stripped of his championship belt, he became bigger than the sport of boxing. As he excelled in life, he too became a people’s champion to the world, and so shall you.  You just keep the faith, and the world will be your oyster with a big shiny pearl.

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