Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Ways to Make a Video Go Viral

5 Ways to Make a Video Go Viral

If you’re like anyone else uploading to YouTube, you don’t want your video to go neglected with only a few views. With 400 hours of YouTube videos being uploaded every minute, it’s difficult to make yours stand out above the rest. This article provides some helpful tips to get your video seen.

1. Have a Solid Marketing Plan
When it comes to the sharing and marketing process, you want to make sure you have done everything you can to make people aware of your video. Upload your video to every social media platform. Asking friends and family to share is a good start. Don’t be hesitant to send your video to strangers that can relate. For example, if your video is about music, send it to musicians and other music entities. If it is a sports video, send it to athletes.

Send your video to bloggers who like to cover similar topics. Bloggers attract views in order to make money off of ads. Getting many bloggers to cover your video is a win for both parties, and can be the key to your success.

Or, maybe you’re filmed wearing a certain brand and singing at a recognizable location. Use this to your benefit. Reach out to relevant businesses that would be interested in promoting their products through your video.

2. It’s All in the Timing
While the excitement of finishing your video might temp you to upload it immediately, consider the timing before hand. Many people watch videos while at work, so releasing yours on a Monday or Tuesday gives you an advantage.

3. Tell a Story
Chances are someone else is more talented than you at whatever you are doing, but the story you tell with your video can make up for that. People like a good story whether it’s in the movies, books, or music. Try to convey a powerful message that invokes emotions in others. Upbeat emotions tend to be more effective than sadness, so keep your video positive.

4. Keep it Short
When you’re browsing videos on YouTube, are you more likely to click on one that is 15 minutes or one that is 3 minutes? People value their time, so making it convenient to watch your video increases its chances of being viewed. Try to cut uploads down to less than 10 minutes.

5. Simple Titles Work Best
The title of your video can make a world of difference. Avoid anything complex and lengthy. Keep it concise and try to limit it to just keywords. If your title doesn’t roll off the tongue easily, don’t use it.
With a good marketing plan, powerful story, effective title, and timing, you can ensure that your upload won’t go unnoticed and greatly increase the chances of creating a viral YouTube video.
If you’re interested to get your YouTube video discovered by masses of targeted fans, click this link:

Christian Cherry has a passion for music. He enjoys playing drums, singing, being social, and traveling. When he is not playing instruments he is constantly listening to different artists and genres for inspiration.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Tracy Newman

Tracy Newman grew up in Los Angeles. She started playing guitar at 14, usually sitting on the diving board of her family’s pool, strumming for hours each day. Back then she was mostly influenced by the Kingston Trio, because she could actually play some of their songs, especially "Tom Dooley” which had, and still has, only two chords. After high school, Tracy wanted to be a folksinger, but her parents insisted she go to college. She went to the U of A in Tucson and quickly discovered the “folk” community. She stopped attending college and began playing on street corners for money, otherwise known as “busking.” Understandably, this freaked out her mother who flew to Tucson and dragged Tracy back to LA for “help.” The therapist, an elderly man in a suit and tie, kept nodding off during the sessions. Apparently, he couldnʼt relate to an upper middle class teenage girl who just wanted to be a folksinger. It’s taken Tracy a while to get back to her dream.


In the early 70s, she joined an improv class taught by Gary Austin, which soon became The Groundlings. Tracy is a founding member, and besides performing, she taught and directed. Her sister, Laraine Newman was the first Groundling to be discovered there by Lorne Michaels for Saturday Night Live. Some other Groundling alumni include: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Paul "Pee Wee Herman” Reubens and Kathy Griffin. It was at the Groundlings that Tracy met her future TV writing partner, Jonathan Stark. Their first staff job was on “Cheers,” followed by "Bob"(Bob Newhart), "The Nanny," “Ellen,” "The Drew Carey Show” and the legendary “Hiller and Diller” (Richard Lewis and Kevin Nealon.) In 1997, Newman and Stark won an Emmy and Peabody Award for writing the groundbreaking “coming out" episode of “Ellen.” In 2001, they created the ABC comedy, "According to Jim," which ran for eight seasons.

Tracy had been writing songs all along, many of which were featured in TV shows. Now she’s once again performing her music full-time. Her CD,A Place in the Sun is still a favorite with young and old alike, for long car rides across the nation. The title track on her latest CD,I Just See You, highlighting the beauty of a long-term relationship, is now a music video on YouTube. Her newest release, (Jan. 2015)I Can Swing Forever is a children’s CD with a coloring book by Tracy’s daughter, writer/artist Charlotte Dean. It has won four prestigious 2015 awards: Parents’ Choice Gold, Dr. Toy’s Best Classic, National Parenting Publication Award Gold Winner and Creative Child Awards CD of the year.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


This Week's Playlist:

1.Can't Sleep Love – Pentatonix
2.Bring It Back – Shy Carter, Aleon Craft
3.Hotline Bling – Drake
4.Wasn't Expecting That – Jamie Lawson
5.Hide Away – Daya
6.Hollow – Tori Kelly, Big Sean
7.Sorry – Justin Bieber
8.Live Young Die Free – FLETCHER
9.Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran) – Rudimental, Ed Sheeran
10.Tired of Talking – LÉON
11.I Think I'm Falling in Love – Al Walser, Victoria Celestine
12.Maria Magdalena - Beata (K.C.Nightline Club Mix)
13.Model – Before You Exit
14.Tiring Game – John Newman, Charlie Wilson
15.Try Me (feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma) – Jason Derulo, Jennifer Lopez, Matoma
16.One Call Away – Charlie Puth
17.Runnin' (Lose It All) – Naughty Boy, Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin
18.Book Of Love – Felix Jaehn, Polina
19.Adventure Of A Lifetime – Coldplay
20.Nobody To Love – Alex Newell 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Univision's Jorge Ramos: It's my 'right' to challenge Trump on immigration

DUNNINGAN, CA (IFS)-- Mr. Ramos, you prove to be rude and over barring for a reporter.  It is a custom is this country that one rises his or her hand and request to be heard, and not just bully your way into the conversation just because you can.-khs 

Jorge Ramos says Donald Trump's event on Tuesday was "the first time in my life, anywhere in the world, in which I have been escorted out of a press conference." The Univision anchorman's testy Q&A with Trump has the political and media worlds buzzing.
Some Trump supporters and conservative commentators say the candidate should have left Ramos outside, since the journalist stood up and starting asking questions without being called on.Perhaps both men benefited -- Ramos by getting to challenge Trump in front of millions of viewers, Trump by getting to appear gracious by letting the reporter back in, then tough by responding to the rapid-fire questions.
Trump said on Wednesday's "Today" show that Ramos "was totally out of line last night" and was "ranting and raving like a madman."
But Ramos says it's his "right" as a "U.S. citizen, as an immigrant, and as a journalist" to ask Trump about the candidate's controversial immigration proposals.
Speaking on CNN's "New Day," Ramos said he stood up to ask about Trump's deportation plan.
"The one who is out of line is Donald Trump," Ramos said.
Trump has fostered hatred and division, "and we have to call him out on that," he added.

Friday, May 8, 2015

East Memphis Craiglist Car Scam - Very interesting

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- SDCOG News One just checking up on cars for sale in the Memphis area and came across this gem.  First, this seller just wants to take you and your money into this title loan company to pay off a debt.  She does not want you to test drive the vehicle at all.  The idea is to take your money and walk out of the back door.  This vehicle does not even belong to her.  So if you see this particular ad types in Craig's list, it's a scam -- nobody purchases a vehicle without first test driving it!!

1998 Ford Explorer - $1200 (East Memphis)

 craigslist 5013486586

I'm on my way home now. How soon would you want to meet to pick it up. And I do have a title loan on the title. So that could be the meeting spot as well. You pay me. I walk in pay the title loan off and sign the title over to you. 

post id: 5013486586 

1998 Ford Explorer odometer: 133201 paint color : brown size : mid-size type : truck drive : 4wd fuel : gas transmission : automatic title status : clean cylinders : 6 cylinders
condition: like new
Hello, I am selling my 1998 Ford Explorer for 1200. It is tan 4WD, 4 door. New tires (February). It needs an oil change, tune up and the arm rest is broken. Other than that she is just fine. I'm only selling her because I got a new truck as a Mother's Day gift.

Serious inquires only please. If intrested email me and I will send pictures. In the subject put "light skin" to help me rid the spam.

P. S. light skin is what I call my truck. Lol. 
From:"craigslist 5013486586"
Date:Thu, May 7, 2015 at 4:33 pm
Subject:Re: 1998 Ford Explorer-Light Skin


Sent from my iPhone

On May 7, 2015, at 12:49 PM, Kenneth Howard Smith <> wrote:

Very interested in purchasing today if we can see it. Thank you for you immediate reply back.-Kris

From:"craigslist 5013486586" <>
Date:Thu, May 7, 2015 at 12:40 pm
Subject:Re: 1998 Ford Explorer-Light Skin
Currently at work. But I will send some as soon as I get home.
Sent from my iPhone

On May 7, 2015, at 12:09 PM, Kenneth Howard Smith <> wrote:
I'm very interested please call me asap.

Original craigslist post:
About craigslist mail:
Please flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other):

Original craigslist post:
About craigslist mail:
Please flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other):

Original craigslist post:
About craigslist mail:
Please flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other):

Original craigslist post:
About craigslist mail:
Please flag unwanted messages (spam, scam, other):


Thursday, April 23, 2015

SDC Digital Pulls the Radio Plug on PromoBuzz

SDC Digital Pulls the Radio Plug on PromoBuzz

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) --  The European promotion's company PromoBuzz/AirplayBuzz and SDC OmniMedia Group's Digital Radio Networks, appears to have pulled the plug on each other, as a total war exists between the two when it comes to requesting "extra material" from the artists.  PromoBuzz considered SDC Digital's request "as too much" and SDC's request was noted as "Spam" to the artist's they have submitted to SDC Digital.

PromoBuzz's accusations of "Spam" toward SDC Digital several days ago exploded into a mass riff in communications, as CEO/President Kenneth Howard Smith requested that they call him, and PromoBuzz decided they did not want to talk and explain their position which could have been worked out.  However, PromoBuzz believes that their position is much more superior and domainate then the 60 year old's SDC Digital Radio Networks.

As PromoBuzz attempts to open up it's distribution marketing for their artists in the United States, it was a perfect situation with SDC Digital's mass promotion between it's much weighted radio stations that have helped artists earned several Grammys, Oscars and Emmys in the United States in 2013 and 2014.

Smith futher added, ". . . PromoBuzz needs us.  We don't need them."  With that, Smith ordered all SDC Digital Radio Networks to pull the plug on all PromoBuzz/AirplayBuzz products, and to considered them as "spam".

It's a really hard breakup that will effect world artists who want their products exposed in the United States.  PromoBuzz/AirplayBuzz Promotions group and the super radio promotions arm of SDC OmniMedia Group's Digital Radio Networks at this point in time do not see a solution to this issue soon.

It all started out as just a simple misunderstanding that grew into a large heated debate on the terms of how PromoBuzz's promotions packaging was put together and distributed.

SDC Digital Radio requested that each on the submitted songs to them has the songwriters and publishers for each song listed in the submission for auditing purposes, thereby requested that the artists mail them a "physical" CD of the product to their Memphis Digital Distribution house.

However, PromoBuzz quickly emailed Kenneth Howard Smith, CEO/President of SDC OmniMedia Group and told them that PromoBuzz considered their request and demand of extra material from the artist's as "spam" and were in contempt of losing their accreditation with their organization.

SDC OmniMedia Group has a musical longevity of over 60 years, starting back in the 1957 with distribution of vinyl promotion discs, including the early KDRC Radio distribution to Armed Forces Radio for the United States Military.

Smith considers PromoBuzz threats as "over the top" and unplugged them.  As SDC OmniMedia Group is one of the early pioneers of Internet Radio with one of the oldest playlists, and usually one is guaranteed positive response when listed on the Digital Radio Networks listing from Advertising Agencies and artists looking for "that" song to perform.

SDC is one of the last real innovators of indie music and promotion.

Before this riff, PromoBuzz was delivering an average of 20 artists from all over the world per day to SDC Digital.  Smith told PromoBuzz that the lost is the to artists of PromoBuzz and will not hurt SDC Digital Radio at all as SDC has other deals with RadioDirectX, Airplay, MusicSubmit, Billboard, Musik and Film Records, Nite*Sky Digital Promotions, and several other digital companies.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 2015-003 Music Add-ons

April 2015-003 Music Add-ons

The Blinding Light that Burns Your Eyes

[C] 2015 Kristine J. Tarbell

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- Driving on the streets going east toward the Bass Pro Shop, the blinding light from the sun off the temple is enough to burn the retinas in your eyes.

It's amazing that no one has even complained about this.  Between the hours of 11:30am to 1:30pm, going west on the side streets toward the building, it becomes a really big problem drivers.

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I Was one of the State Police Officers in Selma's Bloody Sunday March - Former Alabama state trooper James Fowler freed in civil rights killing

  The Associated Press By The Associated Press
on July 07, 2011 at 10:51 AM, updated July 07, 2011 at 3:51 PM


Former Alabama State Trooper James Bonard Fowler sits in the Perry County Courthouse prior to a hearing in Marion, Ala., in the file photo from Aug. 17, 2010. (AP Photo)
ALABASTER, Alabama — An elderly, ailing former state trooper who was freed early from a six-month jail sentence for fatally shooting a civil rights demonstrator in 1965 could face additional charges in a killing that occurred the following year, a prosecutor said today.

District Attorney Michael Jackson, the chief prosecutor in Perry County, said federal authorities are still investigating ex-trooper James Bonard Fowler in the fatal shooting of a motorist in suburban Birmingham in 1966.

Fowler, 77, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter last year in the death of Jimmie Lee Jackson, who was shot to death in Marion. Originally charged with murder in 2007, Fowler claimed he fired only after the man threatened him with a bottle.

Court records in the Jackson case show Fowler fatally shot Nathan Johnson in the Shelby County city of Alabaster on May 8, 1966. In that case, Fowler claimed he fired because Johnson tried to assault him with a billy club after being arrested during a traffic stop.

FBI spokesmen didn't immediately return calls seeking comment on the Johnson shooting, but the Perry County DA said agents had been in contact with him about the case, which was on a list of "cold cases" from the civil rights era that the FBI said it was reviewing.

"The Department of Justice is looking into that shooting," said Jackson.
Fowler's defense lawyer, George Beck, was sworn in this week as the chief federal prosecutor in Montgomery, and an attorney who assisted Beck did not immediately return a message seeking comment. The daughter of Jimmie Lee Jackson said she would like to see additional charges filed against Fowler.

"I feel like he should have had more time than just six months," said Cordelia Billingsley. "But I forgive him. I have to for my own life to be able to go on."

A judge in Perry County sentenced Fowler to six months in jail in November, and Geneva County officials agreed to let him serve the time there to be nearer his family.

Fowler was due to finish serving his sentence in mid-May, but Geneva Sheriff Greg Ward said the man had health problems that required surgery so Ward made the decision to free Fowler from custody on April 14. Fowler had an operation about two weeks later and his lawyers reported on his condition, but Ward said the former trooper wasn't required to report back to jail.

"I have to follow the recommendations of the doctors and nurses on this kind of thing," said Ward. "He was sick the whole time he was here."

Billingsley said she doesn't know whether federal authorities are still reviewing the death of her father, but she'd like to see additional investigation of his slaying.

"I still think more should be done," she said.

Witnesses said Jackson was trying to protect his mother and grandfather, who had been clubbed in a restaurant after a protest march turned chaotic on Feb. 18, 1965 in Marion. Fowler said he fired in self-defense.

Perry County prosecutors wanted to use evidence from the Shelby County shooting during Fowler's trial in the Jimmie Lee Jackson shooting, but those plans were cast aside after Fowler pleaded guilty.

Friday, March 6, 2015

China’s new terrorism law provokes anger in U.S., concern at home

A student takes part in an anti-terror training given by police at a campus in Beijing, June 11, 2014.© REUTERS A student takes part in an anti-terror training given by police at a campus in Beijing, June 11, 2014.
BEIJING — A new draft counterterrorism law here is provoking unusually strong condemnation, from multinational companies trying to do business in China to domestic dissidents trying to stay out of jail and from global human rights groups to foreign health workers.
Governments around the world have dealt with the threat of terrorism by increasing surveillance and curtailing civil rights, but China’s government, critics say, has exploited a genuine terrorist threat to further empower its repressive state-security apparatus. It is, they say, invoking the dangers of violent extremism to justify and expand an already harsh crackdown on civil rights and to punish foreign information technology companies that refuse to play by its rules.
Human Rights Watch calls the draft law a “recipe for abuses.” President Obama focused his ire on provisions in the law that would affect U.S. technology companies doing business here and force them to hand over the keys to their operating systems to Chinese surveillance.
The new law is symptomatic of the gulf between China and the West over human rights, and it is widening a serious rift between Washington and Beijing over cyberspace.
In an interview with Reuters this week, Obama said he had raised his concerns with China’s President Xi Jinping.
“We have made it very clear to them that this is something they are going to have to change if they are to do business with the United States,” he said.
The state news agency Xinhua called Obama’s criticism “utterly groundless” on Wednesday, adding it was “another piece of evidence of the arrogance and hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy.”
China blames escalating violence in its far-western province of Xinjiang on Islamist extremists bent on violent jihad; it says terrorists use the Internet to organize and to spread their ideas. It frames the new legislation as part of its efforts to counter that threat and to govern the country according to the “rule of law.” It is asking for international support and approval for its approach.
Julia Famularo, who has been studying the law for the Project 2049 Institute, an Arlington-based think tank devoted to Asian security issues, said every government has to strike a balance between fighting terrorism and citizens’ rights.
“We could argue whether the United States, Britain and other countries have been able to strike that balance — but what we are really concerned about in China is that these measures are incredibly broad, and we are worried they can be used to attack dissidents,” she said.
One of those dissidents, Hu Jia, under house arrest since last June, said the law might appeal to people angry at terrorist attacks, but it was fundamentally designed to extend a comprehensive system of control introduced by President Xi.
“Once you want to exercise your political rights as a citizen, you will touch the red line and be caught in the net,” he said in a telephone interview. “According to criminal procedure law, your right to a lawyer will be restricted if you are accused of endangering state security or terrorism. And because the government controls propaganda, if they say you are a terrorist, then you are.”
In Xinjiang, China stands accused of a wide-ranging crackdown on the religious, political and civil rights of the mainly Muslim Uighur people, of torture and enforced disappearances and widespread socio-economic discrimination.
Now, as the arrest and imprisonment of moderate Uighur academic Ilham Tohtidemonstrated last year, anyone attempting to criticize government policy or assert an independent Uighur identity runs the risk of a being branded a separatist and, by association, a terrorist.
Indeed, the law offers a broad definition of terrorism that includes not only “activity” but also “opinion” that “generates social panic, threatens public security or coerces a state organ or international organization.”
It conflates terrorism with what China defines as “religious extremism,” including, for example, the forcing of children to take part in religious activities.
Although the Chinese government has a right and responsibility to provide public order, says Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch, the law, and the security mind-set it lays bare, “is just as likely to fuel unrest and violence as it is to mitigate it.”
Richardson says an “incredibly broad spectrum of behavior” can be construed as criminal, “with no avenues to challenge it.”
“Even in perfectly ordinary, non-controversial criminal cases, the right to a fair trial in China is a rare thing already,” she said. “Add on that veneer of terrorism, and you have very little hope of a meaningful opportunity to defend yourself.”
The first draft of the law also demanded that IT companies operating in China hand over encryption codes, install security “backdoors” in their products to Chinese authorities, and keep servers within the country.
Obama said it would essentially force foreign companies “to turn over to the Chinese government mechanisms where they can snoop and keep track of all users of their services.”
In China, it is not only Xinhua that accuses Obama of hypocrisy. Beyond the lack of due process at Guantanamo Bay or the extended government powers granted under the Patriot Act, China points out, Western governments often request that tech companies hand over encryption codes.
Western free-speech advocates counter that China lacks effective constraints to state power, in the form of an independent judiciary, a feisty legislature, a business sector willing to stick up for itself or an independent media.
That, they say, makes government over-reach in China potentially much more dangerous.
At a news conference Wednesday, Fu Ying, spokeswoman for the National People’s Congress, China’s largely rubber-stamp parliament, said the law had been modified to reflect some of those concerns during a second round of drafting last month.
In particular, she said, there were “hot discussions among legislators” on how to “better balance the relation between counterterrorism measures and safeguarding human rights.”
She said the articles relating to IT companies had been “improved” to include “strict conditions and limits” on when data could be obtained. In particular, the law would only be used to prevent or investigate terrorist activity, she said, and after “a strict review and approval procedure.”
Richardson, of Human Rights Watch, says the only revision worth making to the first draft would be “to rip it up and start again.”
As a crackdown on nongovernmental organizations has intensified under Xi’s presidency, the new counterterrorism law also includes a section mandating the central bank and civil administration to supervise and inspect financial flows into foundations, social organizations and foreign NGOs.
“Everyone is very concerned,” said a manager at an international NGO, who requested anonymity for fear of inviting problems. “This puts us into a very different purview. We are no longer civil society, now we are potential terrorists.”
Gu Jing, Xu Yangjingjing, Liu Liu and Xu Jinglu contributed to this report.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Keyshia Cole - Singer calls husband a cheat on Instagram

Keyshia ColeSinger calls husband a cheat on Instagram

If there were any hopes of Keyshia Cole and husband, Booby Gibson coming back together, then that's all gone after the singer caught him cheating!
  • Published: 

Keyshia Cole and husband "Booby" Gibson have lost hope of staying together after the singer indirectly called him a cheat on Instagram yesterday, March 1.
Reportedly Cole was visiting Booby at a video shoot when she discovered he was trying to talk to another woman via phone, begging for sex time.
The songstress then posted screen shots of Booby’s texts to the unknown female.
Keyshia went on to post another photo of her son with Boody captioning:
"@Daniel_Gibsonjr is all that matters. Everything is not for everybody. Gib is a Great father. I'm just ready to put this all behind me/Begin my healing process for once Nd for all."
It's now clear that the couple won't be getting back anytime soon.

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