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Baylee Curran - Comic Book, Cards and Posters Model in Chris Brown Drama

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TMZ broke the story ... cops raced to Chris' home early Tuesday morning after a woman called 911 and claimed he pulled a gun on her. 

Police have been at the house since 3 AM and are in the process of getting a search warrant. Chris has not left the house, but multiple sources tell us he was defiant as he threw the duffel bag out the window, taunting cops and saying, "Come and get me."

Chris posted a video in which he refers to Black Lives Matter, saying "f*** the police."
Two sources on scene tells us in addition to weapons there were drugs in the duffel bag.
As for the woman who called 911 ... she's a beauty pageant title holder.

Gov. Paul LePage not ruling out resigning

AUGUSTA, Maine (IFS) -- The story about this conversation is very old.  It is amazing that it is now getting aired because of a tirade by Governor LePage left in a voicemail.  It was reported by IFS back in 2012 about the "claimant"  of black drug dealers coming to the State of Maine and leaving babies and drugs in the wake.  The story was not directly tied to the City of Philadelphia and/or New York.  

Should the Governor resigned about this?  We  writers here at IFS don't believe he should.  

Everyone of us have an "off" day where no one dies, but a lot of rhetoric is left on the table. The voicemail was just one step short of a duel in the streets at high noon.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage said Tuesday that he plans to meet with a Democratic lawmaker to try to make amends for leaving an obscene voicemail message and that he isn't ruling out resigning.

When Governor LePage did speak about it  on WVOM-FM radio, LePage apologized for the tirade directed at Rep. Drew Gattine and said it was "unacceptable and totally my fault." LePage was going to meet with family and close advisers to decide what to do next. He said he hopes Maine residents will forgive him and say, "You clean up your act and let's move forward.'"

LePage also declined to say whether he will serve out the remainder of his term. "Some things I've been asked to do are beyond my ability," LePage said without elaborating. "I'm not going to say I'm not going to finish it. I'm not going to say I am going to finish it."

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Direct link for major players: http://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=66404&m=sc
Website link: http://listen.samcloud.com/w/66404/StarMedia-Radio-One

Direct link for major players: http://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=66591&m=sc
Website link: http://listen.samcloud.com/w/66591/SDC-RadioMIXX

Direct link for major players: http://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=72166&m=sc
Website link: http://listen.samcloud.com/w/72166/KDTN-RADIO-ONE

Direct link for major players: http://samcloud.spacial.com/api/listen?sid=72170&m=sc
Website link: http://listen.samcloud.com/w/72170/SDC-RADIO-ONE

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DubMatix Record Promos

Side Effex & Jim The Boss 

+ the most current releases available 
Jim The Boss
"Hudson Soul" ft Victor Rice / Jah Adam
(Roots / Dub)
Label: Boom One Records
Anderson Muth aka The Groove Thief wrote for Niceup.org.nz saying that "Hudson Soul is an earnest homage to the sounds of 1970s Jamaica, one that wisely features intriguing yet on point production far beyond the stylistic foundation."
Side Effex
Title: Salvation
Label: Liondub International / 100 LANE
Side Effex is a Roots Reggae Artist out of Spanish Town Jamaica who has a brilliant voice reminiscent of the great foundation singers, and a powerful conscious message that will resonate for decades.
Dubmatix ft Sugar Minott (with remix from Subtifuge)
"In The Ghetto"
(Roots / 80s Digital)
Artist: Dubmatix
Title: In The Ghetto featuring Sugar Minott
Remix: Subtifuge
Label: Dub Arc Records
A - In The Ghetto (Original)
AA - In The Ghetto (Subtifuge Remix)

"No Borders"
(Rub A Dub, Steppers, Digital & Jungle)
The latest release from iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft Horseman, Promoe, Kinetical, Emwan. Remixes from fleCK, Max Powa & Dubmatix.
Label: Echo Beach
Sticky Joe
"Good Day" E.P.
(Rub A Rub, Reggae)
No.1 spot - most popular tracks on Rodigans BBC 1Xtra show
Latest EP ft Macka B, Horseman, Parly B, Sr Wilson, Cheshire Cat &
Gappy Ranks
"Guide Me"
(Modern Roots)
The latest release from Modern Roots vocalist Gappy Ranks on the VPAL Music label.
Dubamine (ft Blackout JA, Brother Culture...)
"String Up the Sound"
(Reggae / Bass Music)
Bass music meets roots culture in debut EP from Californian producer Dubamine.
Prince Alla (ft Dubvisionist, Lone Ranger and more)
"Run Come"
(Dub / Roots Reggae)
The 70s legend Prince Alla meets M7 Allstars & Dubvisionist at 11-7 Records.


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Ten Thousand Movies created by US Film Makers between 1915 and 1962

By Kenneth Hoard Smith IFS Writer

WOODLAND CA (IFS) -- Between 1915 to 1962 there were over Ten Thousand Independent Commercial Films Made in the name of Hollywood.  The movie business lost all of its power around 1895.  The majority of commercial films (the Nickelodeon) were only one minute film loops that repeated itself when another coin was deposited into the machine and the handle pulled.

All of the projection tricks with mechanical means and composites which sent the cave men and women to the walls and draw what they had experienced that day or within that week.  Cave drawings are done by the young people with climbing skills and love to create scenes of the day.

They projected hand signs from wooden lanterns they had fashioned from long bones and wood while chewing the fat and drinking nod from sprouted wheat seeds.

Of course, the most famous cave movie was found in France, with a single hunter placed in over twenty constructive drawing down to the last battle killing the strangers.  A very smart computer tech, place those, drawing into a movie which showed the murders frame by frame.  The drawings are over 20,000 years old.

Film that magical stuff created for very short subject matter needed a major work over.  So enter the Lumiere Brothers from France.
In 1895, the Lumiere created the first camera with its own portable lab, editor and projector that was 35MM.  Each photo cartridge was three (3) minutes of film, instead of 60 seconds.  When this camera came to the United States via Sears, a young film producer by the name of George Selig created an "American Version or copy" of this camera by reworking the sockets and timing gears and established a real 35 MM frame system that Kodak and Bell and Howell enhanced and created the American Standard for cinema projectors and cameras.

This invention was sold all over the world including here in the United States Sears and Roebuck.  They sold tens of thousand of these camera/projectors.  However, by the year 1912, a young company by the name of Kodak along with Bell and Howell re -invented the motion picture camera to look like this:


The business was slow in advancing ahead.  The majority of cameras sold was for commercial business companies following their products around the country and testing them with customers in general.

D.W. Griffith's "A Birth Of A Nation" in 1915, created a spark of creativity that did not recede until the middle of the 1950's when television came into the home.

Sears had invented a new product that was called "credit".  It was elastic money and Sears let you have a camera and projector system for time payments. They real boom came from the Afro Americans in the cinema business with their own cameras and many many others citizens who wanted into the motion picture game.  When Sears unveiled their first talking motion picture camera in 1927 for the masses, in only took Hollywood two years to catch up with the public.

John Wayne's pictures from 1929 to 1936 were filmed in five (5) days or less.  All motion pictures under 69 Minutes were considered as "B" Movies or Films.  Every John Wayne movie under 69 minutes was pared with a major film as a double feature, giving Wayne the high value actor on most screens in America every week.

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The Birth of NASA

Project Mercury
Project Mercury
GoalOrbital flight
ResultAccomplished goal but no firsts
US flight firsts:
  • Suborbital: 5 May 1961
  • Orbital: 20 February 1962
  • +1 day: 15–16 May 1963
Crew sizeOne
RocketsAtlas D, Redstone and Little Joe
ContractorMcDonnell Aircraft (spacecraft)
Cost$1.68 billion (current prices)
FollowersGemini and Apollo
RivalVostok program (Soviet)
Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the UnitedStates lead by its newly created space agency NASA. It ran from 1959through 1963 with the goal of putting a human in orbit around the Earth,and doing it before the Soviet Union, as part of the early space race. Itinvolved 7 astronauts flying a total of 6 solo trips. On 5 May 1961, AlanShepard became the first American in space in a suborbital flight after theSoviet Union had put Yuri Gagarin into space and orbit one month earlierJohn Glenn became the first American to reach orbit on 20February 1962, he was the third person to do so, after soviet Gherman Titov had made a day long flight in August 1961. When the project endedin May 1963 USA was still behind Soviet but the gap was seen as closingand a race to the Moon had begun.
The space race started in 1957 by the launch of the Soviet satelliteSputnik I. This came as a shock to the American public and lead to thecreation of NASA to gather the efforts in space exploration alreadyexisting in USA. After the launch of the first American satellite in 1958,manned space flight became the next goal. The spacecraft was producedby McDonnell Aircraft. It was cone shaped with room for one persontogether with supplies of water, food and oxygen in a pressurized cabin.It was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida by modified militarymissiles, most importantly Atlas D, and had a rescue tower for protectionfrom a failing rocket. The whole flight could be controlled from the groundthrough a network of tracking stations which also allowed communicationwith the astronaut. If necessary, the astronaut could override commandsfrom the ground. For reentry into Earth's atmospheresmall rockets wereused to bring the spacecraft out of its orbit. A heatshield would protectthe spacecraft from the friction of the air and, a parachute would slow thecraft for a water landing. Here both astronaut and spacecraft were pickedup by helicopter and brought to a ship.
From a slow start with humiliating mistakes the Mercury Project becamepopular and the manned flights were watched by millions on radio and TVnot only in USA but around the world. Apart from the manned missions,Mercury had a total of 20 unmanned launches as a part of thedevelopment of the project. This also involved test animals, mostfamously the chimpanzees Ham and Enos. Mercury laid the groundworkfor Project Gemini and the follow-on Apollo moon-landing program, whichwas announced a few weeks after the first manned flight. The astronautswent under the name Mercury Seven and they named their spacecraftwith a "7" to the name. The project name was taken from Mercury, a Roman god. It is estimated to have cost $1.68 billion and have involvedthe work of 2 million people.

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J Smo & Bob Crain

J Smo & Bob Crain
J Smo & Bob Crain
Forsaken Veteran of the Drugs Wars
Folk Rap Fusion
Band Description
The Folk/Rap Fusion of Forsaken Veteran Of The Drug Wars a compilation by J. Smo and Bob Crain was the brainchild of J. Smo who determined that my Folk recollection and his Rap production were perfect mates to deliver the message to young and old.
BOB CRAIN is a Folk Rock songwriter performer residing in Melbourne, Australia. He experienced the early skirmishs in the Drug Wars in L.A. growing up in the Sixties. Bob has released two solo Folk Rock CD's and performers his original music in Melbourne and around Australia. Bob's story and his music are available on his websitewww.bobcrain.com.au

J.SMO is a Hip Hop Rap artist from Sacramento California. J. has also borne witness to the skirmishes and major battles of Drug Wars as they proceeded through the Eighties and in to the present day. J. has released several Hip Hop Rap singles and is currently working on an EP to be released later in 2016, he is a regular performer on the Hip Hop circuit in Northern California. The works of J.Smo of B.U.N.K.S can be found on his websitewww.bunksexperience.com

J. initiated the collabouration after hearing Bob's original guitar & vocal solo version of the song from his CD The Hippies Were Right. J. concluded that Bob'shistorical recollection back to the early days of the Drug Wars and his Rap were the perfect combination to tell the whole story ... in less than 5 minutes.

J. contacted Bob in Australia suggesting a fusion of the original version with his Rap. Bob quickly jumped on board excited by the idea of blending the dominant message bearing genre of his era Folk Rock with the prevelant message delivery genre of today Rap. 

J. produced, mixed, and masted the fusion version of the song which was released on Feburary 26, 2016 on iTunes and other internet sellers and is also available on both artist's websites. J. also produced the video which narrates the whole story in less than five minutes as written by Bob.
Bob and J. are very proud of this work fusing two distinct styles, two individuals, two genres and two countries to produce one message ... that perhaps the longest war in the history of the world is still going, casualities mounting and no end in sight.

Enjoy yes but take heed of the message as art is supposed to convey a message and this surely does.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RG Ingersoll's Hotrax Record Productions pushing for GC Cameron

JACKSON, MS (IFS) -- RG Ingersoll's longtime relationship with one of the music industries most liked voices --George Curtis "G.C." Cameron (born September 21, 1945, in Jackson, Mississippi) is an American soul and R&B singer.   Cameron still maintains his residence in Jackson, Mississippi, but his reach is global.  Ingersoll has been talking to Cameron to come aboard his Hotrax Label to recreate some great times and hits like they did in the old days at Motown Records.

Ingersoll was responsible for Cameron's version of "THE NIGHT BEFORE" which was written in stone to be the title song for "Cooly High", but at the last minute, another one of Cameron's track "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" replaced the equally and strong "Night Before" track and as they say, the rest is history.

It is rumored that Cameron may be in  a two way production split with  Jannie Braford's Twin Records in Los Angeles. Hotrax has been humming right along with great success over the past five (5) years with solid smash records in the marketplace and  major player in the rebirth of  "just good music" as noted by the likes of Robin Thicke and Mark Ronson in the past two years.

Perhaps best known as the lead singer of super group "The Spinners" on their 1970 hit "It's a Shame" and for his 1975 hit "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday". G.C. is credited with having "six different voices."

The Spinners

After serving in the Vietnam War with the Marines, Cameron joined Motown act The Spinners as lead singer.(though original lead singer Bobby Smith also retained his lead position). He sang both lead parts on their first big hit, 1970's "It's a Shame", co-written and produced by Stevie Wonder, and remained with Motown as a solo artist when The Spinners left Motown in 1971.

He was known for his ability to sound like other artists, such as Smokey Robinson on his song "(Don't Wanna) Play Pajama Games", Curtis Mayfield on "No Matter Where" and The Isley Brothers on his duet with Willie Hutch "Come Get This Thang'. Although Cameron was not a major-seller for the label, he did have a hit with "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday", the theme song of the 1975 film Cooley High, which was later covered by Boyz II Men.

Cameron re-joined the Spinners again in the early 2000s, during which time he appeared with them on a PBS music special, singing his 1970 hit "It's A Shame", then left to join The Temptations in 2003.[1]
Solo artist

Cameron left Motown after the 1970s, and toured as an independent artist. He recorded a critically acclaimed album for Malaco Records in 1983 and his career was revived in 1989 by recordings for British record companies Ardent (owned at the time by Paul Mooney) and Motorcity (owned by Ian Levine). He returned to The Spinners from 2000 to 2002, and also recorded another solo album.

The Temptations, 2003-2007

He replaced Barrington "Bo" Henderson in 2003 as one of the lead singers of The Temptations. He was one of the voices on their album, "Reflections". Cameron sang lead on the album track "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" which was nominated for a Grammy in 2007. Cameron left the Temptations in June 2007 to focus on his group, The G.C. Cameron Review.

On Saturday, May 17, 2008, Cameron made a special guest appearance at a benefit concert for Hold on to Education Foundation Inc. in South Jersey.[2] He received proclamations from New Jersey State Senator Diane Allen; and Mayor Jacqueline Jennings, with Councilman Eddie Campbell, Jr. of Willingboro NJ.

Cherry Hill High School West Acappella vocal group Men of Note and Ms. Marilyn Marshall paid tribute to Cameron in honor of his contribution to American Popular Music and his dedication to youth education. In late 2008, he appeared on the PBS special Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia, singing The Spinners' hit "The Rubberband Man".

In 2008, G.C. Cameron began working with reggae band Dub Nation on their album Rising Force For Change. Released in early 2012, the album features reggae renditions of G.C.'s hits "It's A Shame" and "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" as well as a collection of new songs.

In 2009, G.C. Cameron released the album Enticed Ecstasy.

GC Cameron and RG Ingersoll

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

RG Ingersoll's "Touch of the Funk" goes Along Way - Thinking of Mark Ronson

"White guy in the Bruno Mars video" in Grammy spotlight

One of the year's biggest hits, "Uptown Funk," was performed at the Superbowl halftime show.
Bruno Mars was the front man who gave the song the groove to stay at number one on Billboard's Hot 100 for a record 14 weeks. But what's sometimes forgotten is that the song actually belongs to the "white guy" sitting on the front of the white limo in its music video -- music producer Mark Ronson, reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy.
"It's pretty dead on. The white guy in the Bruno Mars video - everyone knows who they're talking about," Ronson said. "It's like, 'Yeah right, that guy with the guitar and the tall guy, sure.'"

It was Ronson's album, "Uptown Special," that contained the hit song that featured Bruno Mars. The album is nominated for three Grammys. Ronson and Mars could also bring home "Record of the Year" honors.
They recorded an agonizing 87 versions of the song, then worried the word "funk" might be kind of lame.
"Even 'til the last minute there are people like, 'I don't know if you call it, 'Uptown Funk,' like maybe you should call it 'Just Watch,'" Ronson said.

"My guess is if you went up to 10 people on the street and said, 'Whose song is Uptown Funk?' they would say 'Bruno Mars.' Does it bother you?" Tracy asked.

"No. I would be just as happy to be honest... if we'd produced that record for Bruno's album and it had done as well," Ronson said.
Ronson made a name for himself producing Amy Winehouse's critically acclaimed 2006 album, "Back to Black," which won five Grammys. He recalled the casual conversation about Winehouse's family that led to their biggest hit, "Rehab."

"We were walking around SoHo in New York where my old studio used to be and she says, 'Yeah, and they all came over to my house.' And I was like, 'What happened?'" Ronson recalled. "'Well, they tried to make me go to rehab. But I was like, 'no, no, no.'"

Ronson said he was unaware at the time of how troubled Winehouse really was. The Oscar-nominated documentary, "Amy," chronicles her stunning rise and tragic fall into substance abuse that ended in her death at age 27.

"I've actually seen it twice," Ronson said. "It's difficult to watch. I love the first hour because it's like spending time with an old friend again."
It was Ronson's friendship with Winehouse that led him to another young British woman writing her first album - Adele.
"She instantly seemed so grown up and mature, like not just musically and her voice, but she knew what she wanted," Ronson said.
Ronson produced songs for both "19" and Adele's latest smash album, "25."
But it was working music royalty - Sir Paul McCartney - that made Ronson most nervous.
"It's incredible. It's utterly terrifying. I mean it's everything rolled into one -- you have to just get over that 'Holy crap, I'm working with Paul McCartney' thing really quickly because you've just got to be on your toes," Ronson said.
These days, Ronson is settling into his newfound fame and the realization that it may be hard to top his latest success.
"The thing to remember is, like, where 'Uptown Funk' came from, that moment of joy, inspiration, playing the music that you really love and then fine tuning the living heck out," Ronson said.
The 58th Annual Grammy Awards will air on CBS Monday, Feb. 15, 2016.

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