Sunday, March 23, 2008

We need “the People’s dictionary”

The People’s Dictionary: Accelerating the evolution of language.

We need “the People’s dictionary”, a de-centralized, interconnected, mirrored public project. Wikipedia is good but we need another version, that is less formal, more dynamic, with less rules.

People can vote words out (but only with a replacement word to fill in the space?).

It should be mirrored and interconnected across regions, geographies and cultures.

Each region may decide how to edit the words in this dictionary. We may even track where the words are used and where they have been voted out by the community.

This would be a democratic tool for the rapid-evolution of language. Perhaps after this project we won’t find ourselves without the words to explain something.

This dictionary would contain words from the street, and from the classroom, all together in one place without the social-cultural divides.

Urban dictionary has a niche, version of this dictionary, it would be nice to see something that combines that dictionary with a wider spectrum.

-Daniel Montano

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