Friday, March 28, 2008

Bigger Quake due here shortly

RENO, NV. (IFS) After a series of quakes since 2-28-08 about 6 miles from us here in Reno Nev. We may have to Evacuate to play it safe ???

After getting a 3.1 a few hours ago and news reports are indicating likely hood of a big one coming REAL soon??? So if you dont hear from us or get word the town was hit hard we are going to be safe hopefully.

All of our survival gear is in good shape and packed its just a matter of loading it in the Suv providing we get by the first big shaker and the after schocks is with a 30 min delay in coming.
I will try to keep all of you posted if we can but will be headed to deep desert areas with no services.

Take care now

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