Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NBC Throws Ann Curry off the Bus

By Kenneth Howard Smith

MEMPHIS (IFS) As Savannah Guthrie officially takes the reins of the co-anchor ship of the Today Show this morning; I was one of those 303 friends of Ann Curry.  I had received rumors of Ann’s leaving as far back as six months ago from the many of the view ships of the show, twitter feeds, and other things.

I had flashbacks of Ann hurling herself off of bridges, bungee jumps, crazy morning stunts that gave me the creeps over the years, but yet the powers that be had to let dear old Ann go after one year on the job.

Let’s face it, I’m not bleeding for Ann, just hurting that I will not get a chance to see those hot sexy legs and shoes in the morning over my hot cup of Joe that helps to pert me up and get me through the day.  Am I a sexist pig?  Hell yea!  And proud of it.  On the other hand, I am a little jealous that I did not get a $10 Million going away settlement.  On my last days on the job back in 2001, it was a small $65,000 severance package and a good luck note.

So do not cry for Ann Curry, but my heart does go out for my morning show.  Since ABC’s Good Morning America has pulled ahead of the Today Show, I believe I will be switching alliance in the mornings and tuning in to watch and flipping channels to CBS This Morning.  But on these two show, they show no legs, just lots of arms.

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