Wednesday, July 11, 2012

D-Town Records relocates to Memphis

D-Town Records relocates to Memphis
By Vicky Holt, IFS Writers

SACRAMENTO, CA (IFS)   D-Town Records has relocated its SDC OmniMedia Group to Memphis, Tennessee with its SDC Radio One Networks predominately taking the lead rolls in production. 

The D-Town Records Imprint division will continue to repackage its catalog, and release its new products via digital distribution with D-Town Digital.

D-Town Records relationship with Memphis dates back to the middle 1960’s with Willie Mitchell’s production of the Prince of Detroit’s Lee Rogers with hit recordings entitled “Love For A Love”, “The Same Thing That Make You Laugh (Can Make You Cry)” and several other great hits.

KDTN Radio One’s Blogtalk radio series and it’s music affiliate station has been on limited production schedule since 2010 when operations shifted to the Yolo County farm suburbs where broadband was just limited and none existence.

D-Town has re-launched its’ website portal to report on its subsidiaries activities and products.

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