Wednesday, July 18, 2012

40 Million Women are missing in India, Anybody Looking For Them?

40 Million Women are missing in India, Anybody Looking For Them?
By Kenny Smith for IFS

MEMPHIS (IFS) -  It is only 40 million women that is missing.  Only, that’s the size of several whole countries as many as two or three small countries together.  Generations upon generations of missing citizens that have disappeared from rank and file of families, the future work force, military, inventions for the future and just loved ones who wish to find them. 

Economically, it is a disaster for India.  With the potential lost of creativity and just the taxes per head alone from services and or lost productivity lies in the Billions of dollars.  These citizens must be found.  If they are looking for them to produce just male children; approximately fifty percent of them will have bore a male child; that’s 20 million males for the work force and the military.

 It’s starting to get sick with this number and very little help is forthcoming.  This all started when a television news report quoted the FBI statistics for 2010 that 2,300 children are reported missing everyday in the United States.  Adding it all up, would mean that 735,000 children are on milk cartons and the side of delivery trucks all across the country.

If I only get sick about 735,000 kids that go missing every year, or the average of 2,300 kids per day, what about the chances of being found alive in India?  Chances are not too good even for a child let along a woman that’s kidnapped and sold into the sex trade by her own family members and strangers.

What are the odds of being found in United States verses being found in India?  Statistically, the average child and or person of interest that goes missing are about seventy-two hours according to the FBI.  During that short period of time, the chances of being found alive is greatly reduced by fifty percent.  There is a show on cable called “The First 48 Hours” where searchers determined the whereabouts of missing persons and attempt to find them.

In India, once you are reported missing, your chances of being found within a reasonable amount of time varies from six months to twenty-five years to never, or as we put it, your chances are “slim and none.”  The Indian government is more interested in building a nuclear bomb to destroy their neighbor than finding these lost children.  They are more interested in letting husband and fathers kill their wives and daughters because of some kind of ancient ritual law then protect, love and cherish their women and children.  I wish someone would drop a bomb on them of common sense, loyalty, and just plane love of their fellow man and woman.  As they say, tradition dies hard, and so will they in the end. 

Why doesn’t the Indian government do more to find their missing children and women?  They are not that important to their society.  Women and children do not count.  This is the only English speaking country (thanks to British rule for over 130 years, thereabouts) that makes their precious citizens second class and untouchables.  They don’t want them found.

Yet we give millions of dollars to their country in military, school and social aid to no avail.  We give them lots of money to help them perpetuate the problem and they in turn give us what we ask for . . . very little help in helping their citizens and even less for helping us in the United Nations when it comes for votes on women’s rights.

We cried and get angry when the Nazis and Russians killed over 12 million people during WWII, yet we say very little or nothing for the slaughter of women and children in a lot of countries in Africa, yet there is not cry for the missing women and children of India.  No government official will stand up and delivery an ultimatum to help families find their love ones.

Could the sex trade for Indian women be so high as compared to the missing women of the Philippines or other countries?  I don’t thank so. 

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