Thursday, July 27, 2017

Roku leads the market in the number of connected TV users in the United States, Apple falls behind

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- Once upon a time in the World, Television was a box of furniture that looked at you and talked to you.  It was only three (3) stations -- when this writer was a kid growing up. It got up early to NBC's Today Show and off to school.  

After school was the Mickey Mouse Club. Weekends, well . . . It was Howdy Doody Time. . . and cooking with Julia Child.  That was Television.

First, it started slow.  Very Slow.  It was the antenna, then the cable.  

Next, they took away the legs, the pedestal, the large wooden box.  The television tube or cathode ray lamp, which is a giant inverted light bulb, was compressed and replaced with a pixellated square.  

All those old big vacuum tubes were gone!  All of them reduced to the size of a match head.

This writer upgraded to one of the latest at that time and travels with one of the first unit Roku Box in the glove compartment as an emergency device.

You ask were Television has gone?

Well, it will be somewhere first in eye glasses - that Google Glass Device, almost.  But it's a fast start. The technology has been here alone time.

Once upon a time when you "turned off" an electrical device -- it was OFF.  Then you turned it back ON.  In between the area of OFF and ON lays a large continent or a GRAY AREA.

The magic was with Corning Glass and their Transitions Len.  The lens change from light to dark and back again in sun light and in a shaded area.

What if the key was an electrical switch that was created from the body's own battery system that generates enough current to "click the switch over" maintaining a constant electric flow?  In this "in between" state is where the television projection is turned on.

Now from Dark to Television within a blink of an eye!  The technology has evolved or escaped now into the head strap-on eye vision, the Holi-Decks of the USS Enterprise from -- of course Television!  It will get lighter and smaller as things go.  

One day, just the ordinary eye glasses will have light and dark transitions and Television.  All built into the frame with tiny transistors, and the frame itself will be a solar collector for the power. - KHS

Roku TV - Tops Connected TV Market, Apple falls behind

|About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)|By:, SA News Editor 

Roku leads the market in the number of connected TV users in the United States, according to new research from eMarketer.
The research firm estimates that 38.9M users will use a Roku at least once a month this year, which comes in above the 36.9M for Google’s (GOOGGOOGL) Chromecast and 35.8M for Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Fire TV.
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) TV comes in at the back of the pack with 21.3m.  
Paul Verna, eMarketer’s principal video analyst, cites Roku’s neutrality as its primary tailwind. The company doesn’t have any ties to specific content or TV device platforms and can form content partnerships more easily.
A fight between Amazon and Apple kept the former’s app off the latter’s TV until this year, which might have hurt Apple’s share of the streaming market. 
Google and Amazon also have the advantage of integrated their voice assistants into the streaming device, which could drive up the user base as smart home solutions become more popular. 
The research firm isn’t optimistic about Apple TV’s chances, predicting the company will add less than 4M users by 2021 compared to the 20M to 30M net adds by the competition. 

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