Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A message from Senator Kamala D. Harris

In LA, SF, and Central Valley, Senator Harris Discusses Health Care, Immigration, Agriculture, and Criminal Justice Reform

Dear Friend,
Last week, U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Central Valley for events on immigration, health care, agriculture, and criminal justice reform. In particular, Harris spoke with Californians about the damaging impacts of the Senate GOP health care bill, which would threaten insurance coverage for millions of Californians.
On Monday, July 3Harris delivered remarks at a Citizenship Ceremony for 41 children and youth, from 14 different countries, who were sworn in as U.S. citizens on board the Battleship USS Iowa in San Pedro. This was the first Citizenship Ceremony to be held on board the Battleship USS Iowa and is for children and youth who derived citizenship when their immigrant parents became naturalized citizens. 
Harris also joined a rally at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in opposition to the Republican health care bill organized by the #Fight4OurHealth Coalition and SEIU to highlight the disastrous impact the bill will have on Californians’ access to quality, affordable health care.
Later that day, Harris toured and held a health care roundtable with homecare workers and seniors at the Institute on Aging in San Francisco, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the dignity, independence, and well-being of aging adults and those living with disabilities. At the Institute on Aging, Harris also underscored the negative impact the Republican bill will have on California's seniors.
On Wednesday, July 5, Harris toured the Fowler Packing Company in Fresno and held an agricultural roundtable discussion. Harris heard directly from agricultural and local leaders about their priorities, including including water storage, trade, immigration, and the reauthorization of the Farm Bill.
“I am here today to continue the conversation with our growers to make sure that when I’m addressing these issues in Washington, I am in touch with the real concerns of the folks in this community,” Harris said. “What came out of our meeting includes and reinforces what we know is a real issue for California in terms of our agricultural community, which is that we’re losing workers. So I’m also proud to be cosponsoring a bill with Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Agricultural Worker Program Act, which will give folks who are working on the farms protections around their document status and allow them to work and get on a path towards citizenship.” 
Later that afternoon, Harris toured the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, CA, the largest women’s prison in the United States. At the facility, Harris was able to observe a number of rehabilitation and job skills programs, including the facility’s mental health, substance abuse, dental, construction, and silk screening programs. Additionally, Harris was briefed on the unique conditions and needs of incarcerated women and met with several incarcerated women to discuss some of the common issues impacting them and other women with children caught in our criminal justice system.
Julie Chávez Rodríguez
State Director
U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris

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