Tuesday, April 18, 2017

North Korean Soldier's Wish they were at a K-Pop Concert and living the life of a normal teenager

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- During the last visit by Vice President Pence at the DMZ, one has to only look into the see of their young soldiers and see the uncertainty of their leadership.  As we regular soldier's of real wars would tell you, that all bets are off after the first shot is fired.

When it came to the the failed missile test at the end of the long parade. . . it is questionable that electronic jamming may have been an issue.  With the release of the MOAB that is an underground cave destroyer that uses acoustic modeling to create a major shock wave where no one can survive.  The shock wave goes for miles in all directions liquefying everything and entombing the bodies and contents in a state of suspended animation for hundreds of years to come.

To fight, one must have something to fight for.  Let us fight for President Kim's dignity and his happiness.  In South Korea, these soldier's fight fro the right to get back to their new apartments, Samsung cellphones, a hot date night at the club, and a quick plane trip to visit a friend or family.  No questions asked.

The fire arms that these soldier's carry in a parade or only ceremonial. There is no physical relationship between them and their weapons.  There is no pride here, only the chance to display what is available to them during a parade or show.

After the first bullets are fired, does it become, hand-to-hand and go into full retreat mode?  Wars are very expensive.  At one time, we use "Soldier's of Fortune" to tumble and case havoc on governments and individuals we just wanted out of the way.  The price tag was very cheap in those days.

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