Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dailymotion's Copyright Infringement Notification for "LIFEBOAT" Downloaded from a Russian Movies Archive Site

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- It appears that Russian Movie Archives are not allowed as downloads on the internet.  The search was google.com, in investigating many links, this writer came upon the stream of "LifeBoat".  A fantastic copy, well balanced, just like Hitchcock's vision.  

The copy in question is from Russia.  

Secondly, it's in their public domain.  

Now there is a legal fight over a SEVENTY (70) year old film that's in Public Domain.  CEO and President Kenneth Howard Smith of Smith Data Communications, parent company to SDC OmniMedia Group, SDC DIGITAL RadioWorks, which specializes in old films and digital distribution concludes ". . .when these old films were being snapped up starting about 1993 as VHS tapes, the value was zero."  

Smith help with the creation of early VHS to digital recording software and hardware to create the first public domain movie archives.  

In the early days of computers, Smith had to right small programs, with routines and sub-routines. Having to re-write the same instructions, Smith decided to place these routines into databases.  Smith's  first offering was SDC's  eSBASE.  

After the first  release on local computer BBS in the old days, the building of programs was as easy as just using plan text to describe your routine and the eSBASE would build the program in about twenty minutes that load over eight - 5 1/2 inch data disks.

Other crazy things that Smith has completed, by placing an mp3 file on a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk at 1.44 M in the early days.  Smith is also known for creating the program "Snapper" that removed and aligned sentences and periods in a scanned document.  Smith also help with the development of the early True Type and Letra Set type faces that were converted to digital media.

Smith knows quite a bit about compression and squeezing data into small spaces back in the early days. One of Smith's early programs include the first home business database entitled " Check-Mate" that help compile monthly checking accounts.

The base software sub-routines were the foundation for thousands of computer programs in the early days of the IBM-PC 80808 - 80286 series units.

Smith's battle for a film that was made four (4) years before he was born, and now at almost 75 years old, Smith must defend a piece of art that is clearly art of the Public.  "It is with great anticipation that SDC OmniMedia Group receive these papers for legal action.  It's going to be like a basketball game -- lots of three (3) point shots. Smith adds.

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