Monday, March 20, 2017

New Presidential Elections Voices Are Getting Louder - Election Do Over?

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- Are people at the point where an "Election Do Over" is in the air?  Again.  Michael Moore comes unglued, demands election do-over Moore calls for the judicial branch 'un-do and then re-do' the 2016 election -

It has come to this, that Mr. Trump's allegations of "wiretapping" has no basis in fact, and that the head of the Transition Team, headed by Vice-President Elect Mike Pence was notified by the FBI that there was an issue with Major General Michael Flynn.  However, it took over 25 days that expired before Mr. Flynn was let go for lying to the Vice President.

Now for investigation Number #2:  Unmasking the Identification of American Citizens through Foreign surveillance in the United States.  The Democrats continued to hammer away at the election and found out that an investigation had been on-going for several months and that the FBI could not talk about it.  As the session was going on, President Trump submitted a Twitter rage while he was watching the hearings.

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