Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lydiah Dola

Kenyan singer wins global women’s advocacy award

Kenyan singer, composer and guitarist Lydiah Dola has won first prize in the SWAN Day Song Contest for her song ‘SWAN Girls’. The avowed “artivist” is known for the social change messages in her songs. Hers emerged top out of 175 entries and she takes home $1 000. She will present her song at the SWAN Day celebrations in Nairobi on 25 March.
Lydiah Dola. Photo: Reverbnation
Lydiah Dola. Photo: Reverbnation
Here are some lyrics from Dola’s winning song:
“From Africa to Asia, Europe and Australia
America and everybody celebrate
Our diversity, our prosperity
Our unity, our creativity”
Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) Day is an initiative of US-based global network of female artists, WomenArts. The organisation celebrates the power of women artists to create, connect and change the world. In addition to organising SWAN Day across the globe, it also offers networking, advocacy and fundraising support for women in the arts.
"This means a lot to me. It means that women's efforts and creativity are being recognised worldwide," said Dola. "To be acknowledged at an international level is the most encouraging thing for any artist. It gives me the energy to keep going".
Dola has performed regularly for the past ten years at SWAN Day Kenya, supporting the cause of empowering women artists so that they are more visible and relevant in society. Next Saturday’s will be the 10th edition.
You can listen to 'SWAN Day' and other notable songs like 'Afrika Aleki' and 'Tujenge Kibera' on her Reverbnation page

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