Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moore Oklahoma Police Stupid cops with badges Kills innocence Father on camera

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- Moore Oklahoma police kills Luis Rodriguez for nothing right in front of his wife and children. The incident involved a domestic issue between the wife and the daughter. Mrs. Rodriguez slapped her 19 year old daughter and the police was called. Instead of arresting Ms. Rodriguez, they jumped on Mr. Rodriguez instead and beat him to death without any reason. The chief of police calls this action justified. What a bunch of stupid policemen in Moore Oklahoma with badges. And you want to respect these class clowns? They are so self righteous and they know everything. Well they better know this, that they don't have enough money in the city and county treasure that's going to keep from bankrupting them. They are screwed and it was all caught on camera. Plus they have to deal with the Department of Justice. They will end up in prison for excessive force. I hope each and everyone of them end up with some some crazy guy they arrested years before. As for as the smart ass 19 year old daughter, she just lost her father because she disrespected her family by lying to them. It was not a good idea for the mother to assault her daughter in the parking lot or any where else. And the most insulting thing of all, is the person that did all of the hitting was not even arrested.

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