Saturday, February 1, 2014

Amanda Knox - Return To Sender?

MEMPHIS, TN (IFS) -- Will the United States Department of Justice force Amanda Knox to return to Italy?  It would be a terrible miscarriage of justice if this was enforced.  Double jeopardy is our law of the land, regardless of the outcome.  But, it appears that Italy's system of justice only deletes a verdict, then repeats it at their own choosing.  Then again, what does one expect for a country that sided with Hitler during WWII.  It seems that the "nuts" don't fall to far from the tree.

If Ms. Knox is not returned to Hi-Italy. . . what are they going to do?  Declare war on us?  I believe they did that once before.  It appears that did not workout to well for them at that time.  So to have Ms. Knox returned to Italy for some redundant charge that has been rendered, the US Government should take into consideration that a verdict has been given. The case if closed.  End of the story.

What a price to have hanging on one's head forever?

No one will really know the whole story.  It took over four and a half years to get to the verdict that got Ms. Knox back to the US.  It is obvious, that she is never going to win.  She is always going to be treated as guilty no matter what.

If the Italian people don't want to come to visit the United States, then good for them, it makes more room for other visitors.  As for American citizens visiting Italy. . . you better watch out, because you will be targets of abuse.  I say, lets all leave the place and let them kept their verdict, but you can't have Amanda!

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