Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ann Curry to CNN??

Curry Could Add CNN Spice (NY Post / Page Six)

Incoming president of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker has plans to bring ousted Today show co-host Ann Curry to his new network as a high-profile anchor, sources tell Page Six. Zucker -- the former executive producer ofToday and one-time NBC Universal head -- is interested in installing Curry in CNN's 8 p.m. time slot, we hear, which is currently occupied by Anderson Cooper. 

Business Insider In his new role as president of CNN, Zucker wants the scorned Today show anchor to come in as a high-profile personality but later transition to a "Christiane Amanpour role" as a globetrotting correspondent. "Jeff wants a headliner like Rachel Maddow or Bill O'Reilly in prime time," sources tell the Post. "He cannot allow the low ratings at CNN to continue... so he can't hire a nobody. Curry fits that CNN-smarty-pants-foreign-affairs type." The Atlantic Wire The move, if it happens, would actually be a good one. Even though she was dismissed by the Todayshow, Curry came out on the winning end -- fans rallied behind her and Today's ratings have dropped. (And we've seen NBC try, very publicly and on several occasions, to take the bullet for Matt Lauer.) Mediaite Much of that may be true but there is one big problem with this story. The Post's source is likely wrong. While Curry would certainly be a feather in the cap of CNN, and could be a great news anchor and reporter for them, CNN will likely be looking for opinionated or big personality hosts in its primetime slots. Chicago Sun-Times In checking with knowledgeable sources -- both at NBC and CNN -- it's clear Curry maintains a strong reserve of popularity with many viewers. "Ann has an uncanny ability to communicate her humanity to everyone, but it especially resonates with people watching her on television," said a longtime NBC producer who has worked with Curry. Added a source at the cable network, "I think she would bring a breath of fresh air -- tempered with a strong history with viewers -- if she does come to CNN." HuffPost There are many obstacles to this notion -- Cooper's status as the most popular figure on CNN and Curry's recently signed, long-term, multi-million dollar contract with NBC among them -- but it is a fun one nonetheless. To picture Curry bolting her still-awkward situation at NBC for the man who worked with her onToday and turning into the queen of cable? Delicious.

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