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Pat Condell on the Ground Zero Mosque

Pat Condell on the Ground Zero Mosque

On 7/4/2010 9:55 AM, REGINALD GRAVES wrote:

Each day as I grow a little older; I truly question our leadership, ALL of them seemed to have the wrong ideas, but basically it comes back to MONEY, they can be bought as sold as easy as you purchase a Coke, on about the same frequency!

I must say that the major fault of this is our own fellow AMERICANS, they have lost their collective balls, by allowing idiots to frighthen them, weapons of mass destruction, Patriot Act so they can listen into our calls, read our emails. Did anyone take note when they told Bill Gates to hand over all his emails, the worlds richest guy, good or bad guy, could not stop them. I shuddered at that moment, Freedom is dead! Now look at us, We are cancelling Fourth of July Celebrations. Sorry, but to me that is THE MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY, PERIOD!!!!!!! THE DECLARATION OF OUR INDEPENDENCE ceremony has been put out. And we seem to have forgotten that only a few years ago, we were told all our bridges and roads are failing, Minnesota, and yet we march on, NO ONE has even marched or staged some form of organization, except for the Latino's about the Flag. We have become a nation of knotheads and well wishers. We are telling our Cops that they cost us too much, jackass, the price of freedom is always high. Fire Teachers, yeah, so that the next generation of Americans will know even less than this group. Stop for a minute and compare the education you received to that of your son or daughter. What do they know? If you know more than them, remember they have the internet, we did not, we had to read a thing called a book. First thing you can do is absolutely, without fail, no bullshit, is to email this to your elected representative and tell THEM NO ONLY NO, BUT HELL NO. I will email you my letter, I am not going to sit on my ass and say, Oh Well.

And while I'm on my soap box, BP. First, if you see a friend going to BP, ask the to stop going there. Yeah the local BP guys will get laid off, but should be be held prisoner for them when we know that there are GOING TO BE LAYOFFS IN ALL SECTORS BECAUSE OF THE SPILL. I could care less if BP goes absolutely broke. Since I have never used BP, we should try to Be American and Buy American, that's the reason there is an Olds, GMC, Caddy sitting in my yard. So what your Whatchumacallit has GreenSync and pushbutton start, we need to support our own industry, BECAUSE they sold more Buicks in China last year than in AMERICA, I challenge you to prove me wrong on that point, and the point is that China can manufacture and sell a million Buicks without exporting one car, Remember, 4.5 BILLION OF THEM WANT A CAR!!! We need to tell our leadership that this is wrong. I mean right a email just as you have taken the time to write this one to me. I got your back, I WILL TELL PARKER GRIFFITH I AM PISSED ABOUT THIS, AND RICHARD SHELBY AND JEFF SESSIONS. I also always hit YOUR Black Lady Of Politic's. If you don't know your reps name, then you are part of the damn promblem. Git off your duff and shake his cage. When I lived in Cali, You bet Leon Pinetta saw my dumbass with a list of HRs that I liked or did not like. I need some help out here shaking cages. Email me what you wrote so I can use it on these grits here.

By the way, Sessions and Shelby are Republicans, so I'm reaching across the aisle, as usual.

Dear Senator Sessions – I have recently viewed a video that I find troubling and outrageous at the same moment.

That WE Americans would allow A Mosque anywhere near Ground Zero, is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND REPREHENSIBLE. I can guarantee that any Politician that supports such an initiative, I personally and I believe all freedom loving citizens and my Fellow Veterans, who have not only the same emotions as our Fellow Americans, but we have actually closed and defeated a member of a foreign nation, we will be absolutely vivid with anger that everything that stands for America is defeated by this building. Listen to what this man says, let’s not totally theosophical, their religion is not about personal freedoms, they subjugate women to a lessor status, the Koran, makes references speaks of Infidels and Pureness and violence for none compliance to its tenets. We have all seen what they stand for, some of us have even been in their countries and there is ONLY one US OF A! The American dream is getting tarnished with all our overt ignorance of the dangers that are STILL out there. Some of us KNOW and knew that the Russian never stopped spying on us. OPSEC. But a lot of us have forgotten and the egregious part is THEY ARE THE ONE TASKED WITH OUR SECURITY!! Fund all the CyberIntell solutions that make Sense; We have allowed something or someone to jeopardize the operations of our Predator Fleet last year, how do you know that they can’t be jammed when necessary, NOW is not the time to demonstrate this capability, but we must be vigilant. Do you think that upon an invasion, shutting down our electric grids will not be paramount?? Take a look around DC, and imagine what a mess that could be if NOT an airliner came, but more than one aircraft? Four interceptors were protecting us back then, HOW many are there now. I know that you can’t give the number, OPSEC, but have we got better at this????

Someone continually yells, Look the Goodyear Blimp on us. We look up and all hell breaks loose on the ground. For some strange and arcane reason, I do not see the Mexicans as a Threat in the same manner that most do, and should do. How many Mexicans have we caught trying to harm our way of life, carrying suicide bombs into our shopping centers, how many have been caught spying on us. Yes, they are a situation, but we need to marshal our resources. In fact, why can’t we let an individual that serves for a honorable tour of duty in any military force, automatically earn their citizenship. Heck, they will have done more for their COUNTRY than a lot of NATIVE AMERICANS (NOT Indians). And IF they are ordered into harms way, to protect American Values and Ideals, I think they should go into combat as an AMERICAN, period!! If you can dodge bullets for America, then you damn sure are an American!!

Bill Wynne

CW3, US ARMY, Retired

I hold all these things near and dear to me. Have they ever even thought about building cars such as OURS any where else????? No Way Jose. There's America, and then there's Second Place

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