Friday, August 8, 2008

Donna Demok's Hearts and Flowers Series Hits the tube

LAKEWOOD, CO (IFS) - The Circle of Violence Against Women Institutes's yearly campaign against violence took to the small screen in hyperspace, as Donna Demok's straight up interview with SDCTV's Armel Jaccaro this past week.

Demok's request for women to ban together to help abused mothers and their children.

Demok's topic for the few short ten minute interview revolved around the usage of "Hearts and Flowers" after a big family fight. "In some cases, Demok says, "lots of gifts, trips, jewelry, you name it."

Demok further explains how everyone of us are captive of our own circle of violence, and tells how to break this cycle. See it all on Just type in Donna Demok to get the video presentation.

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