Wednesday, July 9, 2008

America's Nomads - The Rainbow Family of the Living Light

America's Nomads - The Rainbow Family of the Living Light

by Kenny Smith for IFS

BIG SANDY, WY (IFS) The Rainbow Family of the Living Light gathered in Big Sandy, WY for the 35th annual event. The population grew to 10,200 participates including 200 US Forestry Services Law Enforcement officers on their annual training excerise.

Approximately 1,200 tickets were issued by these officers to individuals for various offenses. These officers search everyone and vehicles for the most "smallest" infraction. Dogs was the choice of these searches. The most unique incident occurred during the 3rd of July when, the forest officers fired over 20 rubber bullets into one person at the Kiddie Village area of the gathering.
The sheriff's son was found dead several miles from the gathering. He was under medical supervision and was off his meds and had commited suicide there. Many of the young people at the gather did participate in the search early on.

Overall the gathering was a success down from the big numbers in the past. The Casper newspaper stated in large leading headlines "Rainbow Family Dispaces Boy Scouts". This headlin was very deceiving, as the artcle moved on the praised the family, and their economic bump to the local town of Pinedale, WY that placed over $1.5 million in their coffers.

One visitor from Israel was a one star general in the Army. Other visitor included a young international cultural studies student from Japan.

The ADAPT group from Denver started protesting the Rainbow Family for not preparing entrance ways for the handicap members who could not "go home" to the area three miles away to the gathering. Wheelchair access for these people was not provided.

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