Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Use Medical Marijuana - Rapper Snoop Dogg

Hollywood (IFS) - Snoop: I Use Medical MarijuanaRapper Snoop Dogg -- who has claimed to have given up drugs numerous times in the past, only to face numerous run-ins with the law for marijuana possession -- has revealed that he is currently taking medical marijuana.
During a recent interview on ABC's "The View," co-host Barbara Walters queried Snoop on how he had matured, and the vices that he had foregone, since becoming a father.
The "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood" star replied that he no longer drinks alcohol, but that he takes medical marijuana for a medical condition.
Although Snoop did not specifically disclose the exact condition, co-host Joy Behar mentioned glaucoma. Snoop then began squinting his eyes, and remarked, "I can't see that good."
However, Walters would not let Snoop simply drop the issue like it's hot! The legendary host continued to press him on his pot use (or lack thereof), but the "Sensual Seduction" singer stood his ground, stressing "Only medical, no street weed ... I have a license and everything."
In a separate interview with Larry King, the veteran CNN host also questioned Snoop about his drug use, with the "Doggfather" reiterating his "View" claims, adding "I'm on medical marijuana as we speak."
--Ashley S. Battel

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