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SDC OmniMedia Group's CEO Kenneth Howard Smith to -- GOOGLE: ". . .$500 MILLION IN CASH AND IT'S YOURS."

WEST SACRAMENTO CA (IFS) -- Kenneth Howard Smith, CEO/President of SDC OmniMedia Group and its many subsidiaries is being investigated by Arista Records, et al., on the use of their music on Smith's radio stations.  In 1989, Clive Davis, then president of Arista Records invited Smith to run RCA and A&M Records. Smith declined the offer as he wanted to continue working with Platinum Sound/D-Town Records.  It is so ironic that a company you once recorded for now is claiming copyright violations for broadcasting its music. 

Smith was deeply into computer programming, as his success in the early days at Oxnard College where he attended the code writing class.  He and his co-students group created a program for the schools attendance.  Later that program morphed into Smith's first commercial offering called "CHECKMATE".  

In the early days of radio broadcasting for Smith, he started with the Mutual Broadcasting Systems, than was quickly picked up by than Rock Station KUTY of Palmdale California where he and Don Imus help drive the morning show.

Smith's job was to sort through the records and pick the hits according to Billboard, CashBox and Record World Magazines of that day.  Smith also managed to sneak in a couple of songs after the Program Directors review.  One such lucky group was THREE DOG NIGHT.

Smith's programming was put to the test when he was asked by Hewlett-Packard to write a program that would the spaces before and after the period (.) after scanning on its large Black & White scanners that were flatbeds and cost $600 each at that time.  The program "SNAPPER" was created and helped to solve HP's issue with spaces.  For Smith's payment, he was given twelve (12) scanners as part his payment.  

The early days of computer depended on BBS's (Bulleton Boards) to post your programs and download new ones.  The first early internet program was the PAN NETWORK that you had to use a dial-up line to connect to the board and get music and news and record related things.  In early 1986, a small little company called America Online needed a multiline dial up system for their new network.  The beginnings of the AOL  Smith helped to provide sorting codes and IP placement protocols writing it in machine language.

The majority of Smith's code were located in operating systems across many platforms.  Some of his codes are less than 50 lines long that can do a variety of functions.  And that gave Smith the idea to produce his strings into small folders and assigned them to his first esBASE database programs back in 1986.  

Smith started placing his strings into a database that would be called up to design programs.  As with those early programs, when it was released, it quickly became the model of the computer industry and many clones followed behind it.  Smith design of the first Commodore /20/64's word processing program that did no spell checking at first, but a quick note making program that you could save on disk.

Smith's first stations were on the campus of Antelope Valley College where he attempted to established KAVC-FM for the campus in its beginnings.  Later Smith would produce and release Radio Cassettes for his record company called "KDRC MUSIC SERVICES" with new artists getting airplay on majority of the College campus of that time.

The broadcast originated on on its member station(s) KDTN RADIO ONE, SDC RADIO ONE, SDC RADIOMIXX and SDC STARMEDIA RADIO ONE, the USA Flagship stations for SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS .

". . . As a media distribution outlet for films, music, video commercials, radio commercials, and digital magazines in over 100 countries, it has been  the marriage of radio and music that has produced great recording artists in the pass, Smith continued.  Now all of a sudden, the major recording companies are attempting to dislodge the "digital bind" between these various websites that you can have digital uploaded to various venues instantly.

KDTN Radio One, is a service of SDC Digital Radio Networks, (SDC Radio Networks) a subsidiary of the SDC OmniMedia Group. 

From time to time we produce compilation CD's for sale on iTunes, CDBaby and other digital distribution sites. We have been broadcasting on the internet since 1993 in various venues. 

Our USA sister stations include; SDC Radio One, SDC RadioMIXX, SDC Axisys Radio, FCN Hitsteria Radio One, StarMedia Radio One, KDTN Blogtalk Radio, CKS Blogtalk Radio, IOR Blogtalk Radio and StarMediaNet Radio. 

To keep up on the news of your favorites artists, KDTN Radio One Magazine -; KDTN Radio Magazine -; for the latest blog news and reports; KDTN BlogTalk Radio One - Music In Review; 

The Look and Sounds of The Future! 

 SDC has been recording and producing music since the early 1960's when Smith started out as a lead singer and bass player with the TeleStars and the Clouds of Lancaster, California.  Smith went on to record his first record with Century Records then Glenn Records of Palmdale, California.  By the middle of 1965 and an appearance at the Hollywood Teen Fair, Smith was discovered by Rick Jarrett and was quickly introduced to Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss of A&M Records.

Smith's first RCA Records was produced by A&M Productions.

The reason Smith's record did not make it, no market for it.  None!  It was a crossed between James Brown, Farron Young and God knows what else mixed with alot of reverb.  No airplay.  Records lives blood is the radio.

Below, the notice expressly says that "YOUR VIDEO" -- We did a radio broadcast on our sister station for specials and other news items at SDC MediaNet Radio powered by

Smith also knows about recording companies, having been the CEO/President of D-Town Records for over 35 years.  The D-Town Records catalog speaks for itself.  Two years ago, Smith transferred the label back to the Michael Hanks family. 
Other productions included recording for Sir Paul McCartney's MPL Communications division as it took over the Claridge Records and let the Late Lee Rogers and Smith release the material produced under the Frank Slay era.

Smith's MasterTrack Records he started in 1976 for his groups which included Papa's Results, Total Force, Demene E Hall, Blue Bombers, L. A. Sharks and Broken Toyz.  Papa's Results was originally offered to Motown Records, with Gwen Gordy telling Smith that she all ready had a group like that (meaning the Jackson Five).  However, Ms. Gordy did not sign the group, but instead she signed Smith as a Motown Artist and staff songwriter and producer.  Smith took the masters to Atlantic Records with WEA (Warner-Elecktra-Atlantic) Records for distribution.  As they say, the rest is history.

IRDA had three (3) outstanding groups that came out of their distribution and promotion cycle of that time.  Papa's results to Atlantic, Stella Parton to Monument records and Brick to Bang/CBS Records in the early days.

Other than Lee Rogers own our label, it was magic that got Merrell Fankhauser to record for our little label at the time in 1980's.  Every record label needs one act to pay all the bills.  Merrell was that shot in the arm that Lee and Smith needed to push D-Town Records.  Motown Records under the direction of Gwen Gordy let Hitsville USA handle the first distribution for the Album.

Sometimes you just loose it with these faceless people who know nothing -- nothing at all.  So as of this writing, it appears that Show #8, numbering 1 to 5 with several new add-ons may not be aired at all.  This is a great precedence every herd of in the radio station business, where a radio stations who pays to play is accused of copyright violations .   This issue with Google's has been very tested this last couple of years.  They tend to intend their business into yours without even asking you.  They reach has gone to far as Smith offered them to purchase SDC OmniMedia Group's SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS for $500 Million in cash.

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