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SDC Top 50 Show #7

SDC Top 50 Show #7

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By IFSyndicated News Writers

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) – It was in 1983, that the idea of a record company powered radio station would be possible. The idea was KDRC, a cassette based collection of songs that was compiled by Kenny Smith from all of the submissions that were submitted to D-Town/Platinum Sound Records. After several years of cassette productions, Smith continued with the collection until 1993, when he opened his first internet account with Broadcast.Com and launched KDTN Radio One.

In those days, the entertainment community laughed at guys and girls like Smith who was starting internet radio stations. It was hard to get licenses from the majors to play the music. So, as a recording company, the deal was that if D-Town Records listened to your music, you would have to let everyone listen to your music, and your music would be distributed to all the major recording labels and music publishers. The artist owned all the rights to his music and we would just help them get it into the hands of the people who wanted to work with them.

We did not have a “brick and mortar” terrestrial station, it was just internet based. In those days, less than one (1 %) percent of all radio stations had a voice on the internet. It was all based on Ted Turner’s Super Stations idea with the satellite across the world. The internet was just that platform, and a few of the early pioneers saw the future very clearly.

After the laughter has died out now, and more than 99% of all radio stations are now on the internet, no one is laughing anymore. It is estimated that over 485 Million internet radio stations are online today, with many more coming. It got very serious when the late comers, Apple, MSN, and other decided to open up their own stations.

So a little unknown record company that started its’ own radio stations against all logic, to every record company today with its’ own stations, the game has come a long way.

The songs that are played by SDC Radio Networks are received from every corner of the world. SDC Radio Networks is one of the oldest playlists on the internet. It has help to create over a dozen Grammy Award winners, several Emmy winners, and revived a lot of old songs that were stars in many television commercials.

SDC Radio has expanded into over seven radio stations, with their fingers in all gentries of the music business, including three (3) talk radio stations, over twenty (20) blog magazines and several movies.

So with enough said about the good ole days of internet radio, several of these stations have been sold for millions of dollars. So with that in mind, SDC Radio Networks present to you, the Top 50 Artists of 2014, along with some great flashbacks of years gone by. We thank each and every artist for their music, and every listener that tuned into us just for a couple of minutes just to have a good time. We thank you for listening.


SDC Top 50 Show #7

1. **Larry Griffith – Big Leg Woman With Good Credit
FLASHBACK ADD: Eli “Paperboy” Reed – Take My Love With You
2. Bernadette Bascom – It Gets Me Through The Night
FLASHBACK ADD: Ellis Hall – Rock that body
3. RG’s All Nite Funk Band - Something
FLASHBACK ADD: Lee Rogers – Love For A Love
4. Laurelle – All The Way
FLASHBACK ADD: Passenger – Ain’t No Sunshine
5. **Blue Shakespeare - Ecstasty
6. Anapology – Sunshine Everyday
7. Adrain – Fire Me
8. Citra Marcellina – Abang Sayang
9. Lauren Christoff – Who Are You
10. Nora and One Left – Big Red Bicycle
ADD: LJ Coon – Wisdom Of A Fairy Tale
ADD: Ace of Spade - Monopoly
11. ** Futurella – Mona Liza
12. Kerry Wallace – Love Rains Down
13. Aries Marquis – Perfect World
14. Jamie Sparks - Smile
15. Asia Sky – Take Control
16. JMAXX – Sissy Girl
17. Deborah Heneriksson - Traces
18. Jesse Turner - Mama
19. ** Alex B – Still In Love
20. Blueganu – Take It Back
21. Max Lisa – Time Machine
22. Not Another Playne Jane - Intervention
23. WestBank Boys - Rydah
24. X-Sonic – Machine Language
25. Zaena Morisho - Candle
26. Neil Andrews – Too Much
27. **Laird Oli – Ay – Yi - Yi
28. Melissa B – What You Started
29. Tripod – Meant To Be
30. Annie Sidley – Would You
31. The Bom – I Like Potato Chips
32. Valery Trails – Buffalo Speedway
33. Freddie Jackson – Love & Satisfaction
34. Vee Zed - Love
35. ** Ault Sisters – Boy From New York City
36. Christy Angeletti – First Goodbye
37. Poze – Rah Rah
38. Chris Weaver – Rise Of The Dead
39. Honor Society - Obession
40. Merrell Fankhauser – One More Day
41. Trevor Aaron – I’m Gonna Win My Spurs
42. Sid Howard – Shattered Mirror
43. ** Mirva - One
44. Mojo Slide – Bad In Every Way
45. Tuma Vs. Asali - Stalker
46. Celeste Talley - Rejoice
47. Jeff Chaz – Tired Of Being Along
48. Laura Solnicki - Sunset
49. Otis Gayle – Nothing Last Forever
50. JAD - Faded

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