Monday, December 23, 2013

Facebook Continues Ban on KDTN Radio Site


HOLLYWOOD CA (IFS) -- Facebook has extended the log-on ban for KDTN Radio One's site.  It was not surprise to CEO, Kenneth Howard Smith, as he has written a Christmas card letter to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook telling him of his ill advised decision to continue the ban on KDTN Radio's site for know apparent reason.

It appears that the letter received by the Facebook team proved to anger them further into upholding and continue the website ban on the popular multi radio stations and music sites.

To date, the Facebook team has refused to answer any and all accusations and inquiries aimed at Facebook for its breach and ban on the the station's account.

This is the third time in over one year that Facebook has placed a temporary hold on KDTN for some unknown reason and without explanation.

With the instant dismissal of Paula Dean, the Duck Dynasty leader and several other major celebrities, the attack on the First amendment rights are being beached and violated at will by the owners without cause.

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