Monday, August 12, 2013

Donna Demok's Celebrating Five years with Hearts and Flowers - New Follow up

By IFS Staff

Donna L. Demok, president of priZm pictures, celebrating
 her five years in broadcasting. Started out as a music
 programmer for SDC Radio Networks in 1998.

MEMPHIS (IFS) -- A real natural when it comes to radio broadcasting.  It just comes to her.  Her voice is hypnotic and pleasant while she pulls you into a "mind melt"  including you through  one of her worlds of laughter, tears, heartbreaks, glorious times, the dark and the light of Donna Demok.

Demok slipped into a glorious world of broadcast with her first audio.  She should have started earlier.  It comes very natural to her.  She's easy to listen too and provides comfort for living with todays family issues.

As a seasoned veteran, Demok's awards have included SDC-TV's Television Producers Award in August 2008, along with her Most Valuable Broadcaster's Award from September 1998, as the producer and programmer for Country Rock KDTN Radio One and the SDC Radio Networks.

Her priZm films company have produced "American Nomads"," Heart and Flowers", "Ribbon's Of Steel" with various parts on NBC-TV.

Demok is posed  to release new a  follow-up Audio Radio Interview to -  Hearts and Flowers to the internet broadcast that's over eight years old.  Moving the audio to the Blog talk radio format was a stroke of luck.  The show exploded, becoming KDTN BlogTalk Radio Show's hottest downloads for the listenership.

It was a magical radio hit alone.  Just the title of Hearts and Flowers describes the relationships of women who are usually attacked by the spouse.  Demok's relationship with this subject is personal.  She admits that the "making up part of the relationship is like a new honeymoon, with flowers, candy, new clothes, shoes, vacations, Demok adds, that one can get addicted to this cycle of love and hate with presents at the end.

Other notables for Donna Demok's priZm pictures include segments on NBC-TV and many sites around the internet.

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