Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Irene Joanne Tarbell created Ocean Records name and logo for Merrell Fankhauser's company

MEMPHIS TN (IFS) --There are two released version of the the album "Wipe Out" by the Impacts.  The one above is by Del-Fi Records and the second one with the same cover with the inclusion of "featuring Merrell Fankhauser" and on Merrell's Ocean Records, was commissioned by Evelyn Fankhauser, Merrell's mother. 

As Merrell had suffered a heart attack back in 1986 and was confined to bed rest, and Del Fi Records had released all interests of the album back to Merrell, Mrs. Fankhauser wanted to re-issue the album for her son.  It was an emotional time as Merrell had to cancel his European tour and he was riding the charts with his "Doctor Fankhauser" LP and the number #1 album in France.  

Sandra Smith-Williams and Irene Joanne Tarbell, early days at KHS/Futura Records, Rosamond, California.  Williams would go on to sing with Quincy Jones and produce many records from her church in Martinez, California.  Tarbell would go into computer engineering systems in Columbus, Georgia.

The re-issue was produced by Irene Joanne Tarbell who came up with the Ocean Records name and logo.  Tarbell was also the record producer and music publisher for Kenny Smith, Jay and John Ciano on the Rosamond, California based KHS/Futura Records label which later became a unit of D-Town Records.  Jay's single entitled "Natural People" reached  CashBox Magazine's top 20 songs back in 1971.

Tarbell would later work for T/Systems in Columbus, GA as their computer analysis for credit card systems.

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