Thursday, June 16, 2011

FBI in Major Drug Bust in Dunningan

By Dunningan News-Press Telegram

DUNNINGAN (IFS) – The little community of Dunningan was shaken up this morning on or around 6:29 am, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation  and its’ contingent of approximately 60 officers with several  heavily armored attack vehicles and personnel, like something out of a storm troopers movie, with flash-bang grenades rushed  the pink painted stucco home located at 3396 Road 88A.

With a coordinated effort by the FBI, Homeland Security, DEA and Yolo County Sheriff’s Department, the raid on the house was over in under one minute.  CSI investigators and California Bureau of Investigations agents continued combing the residence’s and its grounds compiling evidence.

FBI Special Agent Russell Custer from the Sacramento bureau led the charge on what appears to be an elaborate marijuana growing operation according to the Yolo County Sheriff’s office.  This raid was one of many coordinated efforts by the Department of Justice to clean up the Mexico to USA drug connections.

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